3 thoughts on “Ilhan Omar, Anti-Semitism, Noahide Laws, & Alex Jones

  1. The more they throw her out there and the stuff she says, as I said before, I’m cautiously starting to respect her more and more. And I still believe they’re using her to foster even more anti Islamic sentiment. How many others have criticized Israel, trump and others she has and haven’t been smeared as un-American? The tide is turning. Its inevitable.

  2. We hate Satan, therefor we hate those that represent him. The whole world pretty much is crying out against these devils & the govts. of the countries are oppressing the cries. It is obvious where their allegiance lies.

    We will resist the evil, we have no other choice.

  3. More power to her and less power to the fake jews that run the government and the central bank. Long story . Read about it.

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