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‘I’ll f***ing bury you!’ McAfee vows to expose corrupt US officials & CIA agents if ‘disappeared’


Bitcoin evangelist John McAfee has threatened to “bury” the US government if they keep harassing him over unpaid taxes, promising to leak a huge trove of files proving corruption throughout Washington and its allies.

I’ve collected files on corruption in governments. For the first time, I’m naming names and specifics,” McAfee warned in a string of tweets stretching back to Sunday. Vowing to release over 31 terabytes of “incriminating data” to the press if arrested or otherwise “disappeared,” he posted the names of a “corrupt CIA agent and two Bahamian officials” along with claims they’d taken bribes and been involved with drug trafficking, apparently to show he was not bluffing. 

He also promised to release the names of “25 Congressmen and 5 Senators, from both Parties, who are coming up for re-election in 2020, and who MUST be recalled, and if that fails, booted out of office on election day” on Friday.

Claiming the Department of Justice was cooking up murder, racketeering and money-laundering charges against him in the hope of extraditing him from the Bahamas and locking him up for tax evasion, McAfee pointed out that the last attempt at framing him – when authorities in Belize raided his home and charged him with running a drug operation – failed.

“The US Government has never faced a foe like me before,” McAfee declared, promising to “suffer this onslaught no longer.”

McAfee has been the target of a murder accusation before. In March, a Florida court found him liable in a $25 million “wrongful death” suit, after the estate of his deceased neighbor in Belize accused him of hiring a hitman to torture the man to death. He was never actually charged with the murder, and he dismissed the lawsuit as “frivolous.

The programmer, who made millions off his McAfee AntiVirus software and later made millions more off Bitcoin, admitted in January that he hasn’t filed his income taxes in eight years, and gave several reasons for not doing so, including “I’m done making money” and the always popular “Taxation is illegal.

McAfee announced in January he was running for president “in exile” on a platform promoting the use of cryptocurrencies. Currently living aboard a yacht in the Caribbean he has called the “freedom boat,” he claimed he would use “masked doppelgängers” to campaign in the US.


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5 Responses to ‘I’ll f***ing bury you!’ McAfee vows to expose corrupt US officials & CIA agents if ‘disappeared’

  1. Jim says:

    What’s he waiting for –

  2. Enemy of the State says:

    Never Telegraph your intentions especially if you have the ways and means

    And first rule of war
    Win at all costs

    The dudes a bit off
    But I don’t doubt they want him dead , hell they want us all dead

    At least when he knew he was a threat to them and his life was on the line , he took it seriously and had a security detail

  3. H D says:

    McAfee Your going down one way are another why not open up the bag and let the cat out . I’m sick of hearing about people say they have dirt on government worker but never do they open the bag and let it out . Get the show going stop playing

  4. mary in TX says:

    ‘ running for president “in exile” on a platform promoting the use of cryptocurrencies. ‘ ………I have no words 🙁

  5. Hal Apeeno says:

    Talk is cheap.

    We already know they’re corrupt.

    The blind and deaf will mostly stay blind and deaf at this point, imo.

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