Illegal Aliens Advocating for the Dream Act

Illegal alien, Daniela Pelaez, was named valedictorian at North Miami High School.  After which, through her lawyer, she received a two year reprieve from deportation.  This young lady is being paraded front and center as the poster child for the Dream Act, which would legalize millions of illegal aliens overnight, and of course every one of them is a valedictorian, right?  Ms. Pelaez is making her choice of which college she will attend and of course that education will be subsidized by the American taxpayer.

The 5th column insurgents in our government and media want us to look upon this young lady and say it is only right that she should get to stay and have every advantage our country has to offer.

I say this.  Look around at your own children and grandchildren and point to the one you will take away from to give to this criminal.  And yes, she is a criminal.  Her parents might have brought her over here as a child, but this does not change the criminality of the act.

How about this?  Everyone convicted of a non-violent crime in the US must be released because they haven’t hurt anyone.  If you made this assertion publicly you would encounter unstoppable opposition out the gate, although no American citizen is supposed to be incarcerated wherein there is no victim. On the other hand these illegal aliens victimize every one of us as they take from every one of us.

If it has come to the point that those running for election have to cater to the wants and whims of foreigners illegally in our country, how far off the deep end have we already gone?  This invasion is just another problem that is going to grow and become more difficult to solve the longer it is ignored.  But then the majority of our people are not ignoring it.  But then again, as in the case of the Ron Paul campaign, the will of the majority does not enter into the equation as the dictates of the minority elite are forced upon us by the media through their reporting of situations and events or the lack thereof.

In Arizona, where immigration law is being enforced, the citizenry there are seeing a substantial decrease in unemployment and burden upon their social systems in the wake up 100,000 illegal invaders fleeing that state to more hospitable venues.

If it costs $60 billion to remove every illegal alien from the United States, that money would be recouped within six months.  We the people of the United States need to start pushing hot and heavy to bring the insurgency and its detrimental effects to our country front and center in the upcoming presidential debates.

The assertion is simple, you either support the illegal invasion in defiance of the American people or you support the American people in defiance of the invasion.

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  1. That would certainly be sixty billion well spent compared to the trillions wasted committing criminal acts of war in the middle east.

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