Illegal Aliens Climb Border Wall into U.S. to Taunt Trump

Breitbart – by Katherine Rodriguez

Four illegal aliens climbed the wall on the U.S.-Mexico border between Ciudad Juarez in Mexico and Sunland Park, New Mexico, Friday to taunt President Trump’s tough-on-immigration stance.

The Daily Mail reported that one migrant, with the help of three other men, leaped over the border wall and ran into U.S. territory in less than two minutes. 

“He couldn’t get over! He was taking forever,” one of the men who helped the migrant told AFP, adding that he has seen others climb the 20-foot wall in one minute.

The Mexican man then ran off towards a group of houses before U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers could spot him.

The actions of these illegal aliens come after Trump directed the Defense Department to send thousands of troops to the U.S.-Mexico border to ramp up border security.

Trump signed a proclamation Wednesday directing Defense Secretary James Mattis to “request use of National Guard personnel to assist” with the Department of Homeland Security’s existing efforts to secure the border.

The president’s tough-on-immigration policy has prompted the organizers of a caravan of more than 1,500 Central American migrants traveling through Mexico toward the U.S. border to request refugee status from the U.S. to call off their group expedition.

3 thoughts on “Illegal Aliens Climb Border Wall into U.S. to Taunt Trump

  1. The wetbacks climbing the wall are just a distraction from those tunneling under it.

    How many people in the military are standing around and doing nothing right now? There’s no reason why they can’t be manning machine gun nests every few hundred yards along the border, ready to spray a “no-go zone” with bullets toward anything that moves.

  2. Start lighting up these foreign invaders with machine-gun fire, then hang their carcasses on the border wall.

  3. What about the illegal immigrants who fly into a U.S. airport and stay and never leave the U.S. to return to their countries?

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