Illegal Immigrant Trafficker Warns Americans: “We’re Leaving from Tapachula – We Are Ready for War”

Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft

The Biden open border crisis continues along our southern border.
Over 400,000 illegal migrants are expected to enter the US this month. These unvaccinated and untested illegals will be shipped across the United States.

The traffickers in Mexico are more outspoken than ever. They love the open US border.

One activist leader Irineo Mujica who is leading the next caravan into the US says, “We are ready for War” as 80,000 migrants wait to move to the north.

They know they won the war. Nothing will stop them from entering the United States.

The US under Joe Biden is a country on a death count. The Democrats are destroying this country. It’s a war and America is losing.

Bill Melugin at FOX News reported.

Gateway Pundit

16 thoughts on “Illegal Immigrant Trafficker Warns Americans: “We’re Leaving from Tapachula – We Are Ready for War”

  1. Where the F**K is the MILITIA!!!?? How come the Border Patrol isn’t standing up and taking matters into their own hands?

    Screw the political red tape and screw the Biden Administration! We are at WAR!

    Hey Border Patrol, it’s time to for you to make a choice. Protect our country or explain to your children how cowardly you all were as you watched the enemy run right over you across the border without firing a single shot.

    1. They won’t be able to explain to their kids; as they will have been already hung for treason hopefully, or killed outright by the invaders or the free American nationals once this real shit kicks off..

      That’s a declaration of war and for the Military not to fully mobilize to the southern border is also treason.

      Of course it’s not our military is it; and yes American Militias, the organized kine, guess they still be waiting on well, something, I guess…

      Unreal but all preplanned as we know brothers and sisters

  2. “We are ready for war”.

    You hear that, people!!! Wakey, wakey! Time to arm up and head to the border.

    Kamala is busy talking to little kids in New Jersey because apparently THAT’S more important than our national security and a man who just threatened all out war at our border.

    I mean if people don’t know who the enemy is by now, they are completely out of touch with reality.

  3. “He says, ‘We are ready for war.’ Whatever that means.” says the reporter.

    Umm….I’m no rocket scientist but I think he just declared war on the US and should be considered a high terror threat. But I’m sure you’re either too brain dead or you are just not allowed by FOX censors to say the truth. I’d like to think it’s the latter.

  4. So all the “might & power” of the US is packed off to Afghanistan for a 20yr war because some orthodox muslims started banning TVs but when an 80,000 strong “army” is telling you to prepare for war because they are coming to invade your country by illegally crossing the border it’s just business as usual? The masses in this world are TRULY insane that they just sit & watch this stuff happen to them from the comfort of their lounges & basements!!!

  5. I watched my own reaction to this nauseating headline. Initially outrage, then I said to myself, “Ha, they got me!” Then I began to see it as orchestrated provocation, like they’re testing the water to see who’ll come out and do what. And as for the do-nothing response from our side… it’s also orchestrated. Most here know this is NOT self-propelled, NOT the sole impetus of those “caravan invaders,” but the instructions of their Jewish supremacist overlords who are “resetting” the whole world into Cower-Communism. Here they either want us to be outraged and act impulsively or to cringe in fear. But readin’ between the lines, I think what they’re really subliminally communicating is, “Your nation is going down. We’re taking you apart from every angle. More and more hoards are coming to supplant you, even kill you. You are weak now.”

    What they don’t understand is that that psychology does not work on free minds, minds that have not been made to succumb to orders, dictates, persuasions, coercion, and threats that fly in the face of freedom. Those minds are in bodies that are ready to fight any damn thing that tyrannizes, and it is they and they alone who choose their moment. Yeah, their chess game is huge, and they got us having to look further then Fischer, maybe a dozen moves ahead, always having to anticipate their next level hate, their sadism, their dark trickery. Well, as we often hear said, “Every pawn is really a king.”


    1. These sick psycho mfkers force our minds to have to think of all the treachories they have already planned against us. Please find some peace Somehow!! It keeps getting harder… Ken

    2. Galen, as someone with a BA in Psychology, I love your “psychology does not work on free minds” statement! Psychology is hogwash anyway….even a prof of mine said it–the work of psychiatry (and also psychology) is to keep people mentally ill. One reason I married my hubby: he knew psychology was crapola!

  6. War over what ?
    The entire thing is orchestrated
    And even if I’m wrong
    Bring yer fckin war ,prick
    Pack a lunch

    1. In addition to being funded by George Soros’ foundation,

      “Other support groups are funded by the MacArthur Foundation, Ford Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation.”

      All the globalist players that we have been preaching for decades are now trying to execute our downfall. And the F**KERS are just WALKING AROUND FREELY!!!!

      People need to start setting up go fund me accounts (or bounties) to hire someone to find and take these assholes out, one by one.

      1. But it needs to be done wisely….GoFundMe will cancel the account if they know this person is to “find and take these assholes out.”

  7. So human/sex/drug traffickers/slavers aka “people without borders” wants to sell humans into slavery aka “indentured servitude” (hubby and I are descended from a few…Scots-Irish…ask Bill Hoffman about that one)… Well, guess what, you psychos, HELL has no “borders” either! Enjoy being “gnashed” on by Satan….. “weeping” for eternity….

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