Illegal immigration on southern border surged 40% in June

Washington Times

The number of immigrants caught crossing the southern border illegally surged 40% in June, rebounding from a coronavirus lull that had pushed traffic to its lowest level in years.

The resurgence was chiefly powered by adult migrants from Mexico, who made up nearly 80% of the flow. The number of children and parents — who made up last year’s record surge — remained relatively low, at about 10% of the number.

Mark Morgan, the acting chief of Customs and Border Protection, said the numbers weren’t a surprise, but are still “extremely concerning.”

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4 thoughts on “Illegal immigration on southern border surged 40% in June

  1. It’s like they are saying, “We’re doing this so we can enslave you more fully; we’re forcing an invasion to erase your identity, your roots, and to bring you to heel.”

    One wonders if they know they are calling out the fight of their lives.

    Let anger move to resolution and spark determination, determination to live free. LIVE FREE!!!


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