One thought on “ILLEGAL: NJ Election Worker: ‘I’ll let you[Non-Citizen/Non-Registered Voter] fill out a ballot.’

  1. WTF?!! Okay, it’s all a sham, but to actually see that goin’ down is unbelievable. I think I’ll go over to Ireland to help elect someone there.

    So maybe after he voted the attendant said, “Excuse me sir, would you help me with one other thing. I need a kidney operation. You could save me a trip to the hospital if you would just take care of it for me right here. You look like a surgeon to me.”

    Yeah, it’s gotten to that point. Nothing means anything anymore, out in the world that is. Dignity and common sense have been surrendered/stolen. Lawfulness stomped on. The Bill of Rights can sweep away the cancer of false pretense because false pretense will have severe consequences.

    And how about those attendants? Don’t you just know you can easily trust them? Aren’t you confident they understand the process in the depths of their souls? NOT!!! The polls are a circus. Only clowns believe its anything more.


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