4 thoughts on “Illegals

  1. It’s so Hard to cum up with technical soul lutions.

    But I suggest that all illegals … caught the first time…

    Especially. males….

    Have a biohazard tattoo put on their dks….

    Just , ya know…. as a legal disclaimer….

    Kind of like the fine print you don’t read in your cell phone contract.

    Because. .. I believe in Viable Practical Solutions.
    Exploiting Technology to Make a Better World in a World with

    FKD Up @nSwerZ…

  2. Good thing there IS such a thing as a DEAD illegal alien, however.

    American soil will soon be nourished with their blood.

    At least THEN they’ll provide something USEFUL for us REAL AMERICANS!!!

  3. I keep saying it, and it’s relevant in this case as well…nearly EVERY social problem can be solved swiftly and completely with a single solution: Napalm. Crooked congress? Napalm! Inner-city riots? Napalm! Transgender parade blocking your route to an important meeting? Napalm! A group of illegals celebrating a all the free stuff they’re now entitled to?….you got it! Napalm!!!

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