Illinois City Cancels 4th of July Parade Due To COVID, But Launches Juneteenth And LGBT Pride Events

National File – by Tom Pappert

The town of Evanston, Illinois, part of the Chicago metro area, has determined that there will be no physical July 4 celebration in 2021, however, a Juneteenth concert-style event and a LGBT pride “drive by parade” are offered by the city during the month of June.

On the website, the city notes that “Based on concern for public health due to the unpredictability of the pandemic’s impact, vaccination rates, and in cooperation with our local authorities, the Trustees of the Evanston Fourth of July Association voted to cancel the Fun Run, Parade, Palatine Concert Band performance and Lakefront Fireworks show on July 4, 2021.” Instead of a physical parade, the city is offering “a virtual celebration” that appears to be a series of videos played in rapid succession.

However, the new, left-wing sponsored version of Independence Day, known as Juneteenth, received a concert-style series of performance. According to the City of Evanston website, the event took place today – June 19 – in Ingraham Park, and featured “art, music, food and celebration” including three food trucks, two “muralists” and speakers or musical performances from a total of 9 individuals or groups. There is zero mention of COVID-19 or the pandemic on the web page.

Similarly, Evanston is set to offer a LGBT pride parade-style event, couched slightly due to the pandemic. Instead of a traditional LGBT pride parade, which often features facsimilies of sexual acts between same sex couples, often within direct view of young children, Evanston will instead have a sort of reverse-parade, in which residents decorate their homes or yards and vehicles drive by slowly to admire them. This event will be held on June 26 and will also feature “a community picnic and candle lighting and remembrance ceremony.”

Many Republicans, including the 14 House Republicans who voted against making Juneteenth a federal holiday, expressed concerns that the seemingly manufactured day was created out of thin air as a blatant attempt to overwrite American history – specifically Independence Day on July 4 – with a new holiday that would remind Americans of the dark period of slavery, both taking away from the United States’ history, and further dividing Americans along racial lines.

National File

4 thoughts on “Illinois City Cancels 4th of July Parade Due To COVID, But Launches Juneteenth And LGBT Pride Events

  1. That’s the beauty of independence day. You don’t need permission to celebrate.
    It’s kind of the point.

    Would be funny if they burnt their city government down.

  2. It is Naked Communism being thrown at the nation!

    All part of the manifesto and processes of implementation all with some new fancy technologies And a eugenics program thrown in.

    We will fight and they know it, they are narrowing it all down to a flash point and other triggers, engineered, natural and a big war too no doubt


  3. What a crock! And there will be a “coolest” Fourth of July parade, ect. our here in my neck of the woods (and several, in all local towns)–in a Hispanic majority area that doesn’t even celebrate “Cinco de Mayo”! In other words… this Hispanic majority region (about 60-70 percent Hispanic) the Hispanics (many first or second generation LEGAL Americans) are more patriotic than a bunch ‘o “self-hating” and PRIVILEGED whites who can’t do enough to hate their own race and nation! And, likely, God and Christ as well. I wonder how they’d treat that brave black man, a doctor, who ransacked “critical race theory” at a school board meeting, on video posted on this site? And he’s not the only black who thinks “Juneteenth” is crapola either….

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