Illinois tollway extortion

Sent to us by Tom.

My son recently traveled with a few friends in November to a football game in Green Bay. Of course they get caught in the tollway system and miss paying for a few. He gets online and pays them in the grace period and all is well. Well this time he got on to pay and thought he had them all.

Just recently he receives letter stating he didn’t pay and now has $20 fine per toll missed. So $6 went to $86 and now they say if not paid by certain date it will be $286!!  

He got on and paid for 2…and has proof with receipt. He knows the deal…but now they say he didn’t pay and extorting him which really makes me mad… He can request a hearing.

How many people just pay the extortion and move on? I’d say to the tune of millions of dollars. What can be done here?

Thanks, Tom
He paid what he saw.

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  1. That’s why people get the IPASS, to avoid the extortion. However, as time goes by, they are finding new ways to extort money from their “customers”. They count on people, especially those from out of State, to just pay the racketeers and move on.

    Now I understand that even if you have an IPASS and have more than one car registered to it, if you do not have the IPASS transponder in the vehicle, they will treat you like you do not have an IPASS. This State is going down and nobody seems to want to do anything about the situation.

    1. Don’t forget that they use IPASS and other similar transponders to monitor speed. If you go from point A to point B faster than the speed limit would allow, expect a ticket in the mail.

      1. So far they are not doing that here in Illinois. But I suspect it is only a matter of time before they start with that nonsense.

  2. Send them copies of the receipts and tell them he’s done dealing with their criminal enterprise. Of course pay any others that are owed, if any.

    Just don’t cave to their thievery.

  3. Bet it won’t happen to people employed in the judiciary or law enforcement. Nice to pull strings but not for the little guy.

  4. I just got nailed for not registering my vehicle in California, even though I left that shit hole 3 years ago and registered in my new home state. My bank account was seized until I was able to prove that I had in fact registered in another state. So much for due process? So according to California,you have to report to them when you are leaving the state and your new address but you don’t they can screw with your finances with zero proof of your supposed wrong doing.

  5. I recently received a $216 bill from the Borgata in Illinois. How in the world can anyone get to all of those toll exits in that traffic without killing other people in the process? If I pay only the tolls they say I owe ($16) can the wise guys have my license suspended in Ohio?

    1. My brother, how in the hell can anyone interfere with your free right to travel?
      You ask a question that is so far out of the scope of reality of our people’s common law authority that even I am confused as to answer you as to what I believe to be an honest man asking an honest question.
      How about this? They just f-king can’t. They have never had the authority to do so. They have so distorted the idea of what this Republic is and what it is supposed to be, that a gentleman such as yourself could even question in his own mind what is reality.
      There are only two eventualities here, my brother. Either the people’s authority is absolute and the absolute requirements to relieve a freeman of his possessions are existent, or we live under an oligarchy, and I want to emphasize in the strongest of terms, that oligarchy owns us as their possession and all of our possessions as their possessions and can arbitrarily take or give as they please.
      We are a free people under our COMMON LAW and our precious Bill of Rights with absolute rights all equal and subject to the absolute authority of the informed, free national common law jury in each and every instance, and without consideration of birthright beyond that of the absolutely equal birthright of the united States of the Americas individual sovereign, apart from the collective, of which through an inferior jurisdiction, have attempted to control us as property.
      The son of a bitch that was standing at your window in ignorance of or in defiance of your natural rights has earned nothing short of a 165 grain hollow point being placed right in the center of his f-king treacherous face.

      1. I prefer the 185 grain, but there’s no allowing for taste….
        >edit< Of course, the 185 is not "short of" the 165, so I have self-corrected.

  6. I went to Illinois in January. I had never been on a toll road previously and was told I had 10 days to pay for the tolls. I looked all over the website to pay my tolls, which showed a balance of $0.00 so I called. They could not give me the amount of my tolls, nor could they give me any information about where to pay my tolls. They told me to call back in a week. I was told I had to wait for something to come in the mail. I should be able to go to a website, enter my license plate which they took pictures of at every toll I passed through, and have a total of what my fees are. I am happy to pay these fees. Now it has been more than a month, I have not received anything in the mail and I still have no idea of what I owe, but I am also told that they will add extra fees as it is late. This should not be happening. Why did I not receive anything in the mail within a week of being out of Illinois and back in my home state?? Why can’t I find my fees easily on any website. This is extortion by means of making it impossible to find, no one having any definitive information on how to pay and not giving any information out. I asked for the supervisor.

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