‘I’m a Weapon of Mass Distraction’: American lawyer who took on US oil giant held under house arrest in New York for 500+ days


Steven Donziger’s story is that of a single man battling a powerful corporation over its devastating pollution of the Amazon region – and paying a terrible price. Here, he speaks exclusively to RT.com about his ordeal.

As a law graduate from Harvard, a contemporary of Barack Obama, there’s an expectation you would be exempt from the abuses of the US state.

However, things have played out differently for Steven Donziger.

He’s been under house arrest for over 500 days, despite being convicted of no crime. He has been disbarred and vilified, had his bank accounts frozen, and now faces up to five months in jail. He is forced to wear a GPS device strapped to his ankle, and in order to leave his two-bedroom home in New York he needs permission 48 hours in advance.

Donziger, speaking to RT.com from his seventh floor Manhattan apartment, says: “I can’t even go get the mail in the lobby. What’s happening to me has never happened to any other person in America for even one day.”

Read the rest here: https://www.rt.com/op-ed/512620-steven-donziger-lawyer-oil-giant/

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