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Impending Gun Grab – Oregon County Commissioners To Put 2nd Amendment Up For A Vote

BitChute – Wardo Rants June 8, 2018

I am the only one that stood against this and for good reason. Mostly because the Local Government in my community is so CORRUPT and TREASONOUS, they can’t be trusted with a nickel. But also This was the city where the very next shooting after Sandy Hook false flag happened. This is like walking on thin ice and only gives a false sense of security. The Players involve and very questionable as well.
@ 11:40 they talk about the confusion of the Ballot, Back a little over 2 years ago the commissioners the sleaze-bag attorney the county council Wanted to mislead the votes who would voted to have pot stores on the county areas. So these criminals devised a voting ballot the said “A YES IS and A YES IS A NO” marking your ballot as a yes on one portion would allow pot stores to do business in rural county areas .. while selecting YES on the other would shoot the hole thing down .. They did the same kind of trick on a measure called “Home Rule” .. The measure would remove paid political hacks to be replaced with either 5 or 7 volunteers from all areas of the county. Kind of like a new mini constitution that could be drafted in many directions. They and all of their corporate cronies and Jewish subverts dumped a bunch of shekels into this campaign and promoted this measure as EXTREME ENVIRONMENTALISM .. This had absolutely nothing to do with that but had everything to do with getting rid of these crooks.
These commissioners have been working on behalf of the federal government and the United Nations implementing UN Agenda 21-30 at the local level. this community is signed on to International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) .. So every move that these scumbag make when it comes to going in a reverse direction with regards to public lands is for sure UN Agenda Policies.

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5 Responses to Impending Gun Grab – Oregon County Commissioners To Put 2nd Amendment Up For A Vote

  1. galen says:

    In spite of some incorrect terminology and validation of the Constitution, this is powerful testament from Wardo. He marched into the hell-pit and shined a light on the psy-op, having to tip-toe through sheep and gate-keepers.

    Those council members (don’t miss some of the names) ask for respect. Ha!! They want us to show respect for our enslavement.

    Well, only finished first half so far, and it’s smokin’. Go Wardo!!


  2. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    45 mins. is WAY to long.

    Regardless, this is Oregon… they know up front that there’s little to no chance of Oregunians giving up their guns, so they’re just blowing hot air anyway.

  3. Jolly Roger says:

    Oh, stop it. You’re not grabbing anything.

    Another act of desperation to disarm us, as if anyone listens to them anymore.

  4. George says:

    This is unconstitutional, our second amendment is not up for vote! I think the guy in the blue shirt has it wrong, I would rather lose the first amendment because with the second amendment I can get the rest back! Uninformed sheeple called “J-E-W-deoChristians” will be the death of America….if it’s not dead already!

    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:


      If I don’t say something, Henry will.

      What does the 2nd amendment have to do with guns? That pertains to states suing each other.

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