7 thoughts on “In Defense of President Trump?

  1. stock here.

    From prior Trump tweets, we know that he is quite anti-vaccine.

    9 Trump Tweets at OP


    So why is he going along, promoting the vaccine meme?

    1) There will be an executive order that no vaccines are mandatory.

    2) The smart, free thinking people, who actually research, study, investigate will not take any such vaccine at any cost or pressure. The idiots who just accept the mainstream narrative will.

    Prove me wrong.

    stock out.

    1. I’ll take that bet, Trumptard.
      Your boy Trump has troops training as secret police soldiers right now to enforce the forced vaccinations.
      I don’t know how you guys can understand him. Everything sounds jumbled to me that he says with Bill Gates’ d-k in his mouth.

    2. ‘So why is he going along, promoting the vaccine meme?’ per RFK, Jr. Trump was paid off by Pfizer to the tune of one million dollars

  2. Bought and paid for, here in America we call that a “PIECE OF SHIT” hes too stupid to be anything else!

    1. Right on!!!
      We could have been arresting these media outlets for the past 3 years and this dunce sat on his hands over a ton of Shit that would have proved who he said he was , and again like all the rest ,he ain’t
      Jokes on the people not awake ,,, again

  3. When a buddy of mine, and others, say to me “look at all trump has done since he took office”. I Get a bit dumbfounded, because if he’s done anything, he’s made the country worse, as all politicians do. They don’t like it when I say even the MAGA hat bunch will be left speechless, by his second term. With the way things are now, I expect that if Trump wins, we’re in for one hell of a ride. Buy more ammo.

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