In disturbing experiment, Americans sign petition to arrest and jail all unvaccinated adults

LifeSiteNews – by Emily Mangiaracina

SAN DIEGO, California (LifeSiteNews) – In an eye-opening and disturbing experiment, conservative media pundit Mark Dice filmed numerous San Diego beachgoers agreeing to sign a petition to arrest all unvaccinated adults.

While a few scorned the petition, Dice showed that at least 14 passersby appeared to have no qualms about signing. Some even enthusiastically praised the “effort” to arrest those who haven’t received a COVID-19 jab.

As he asked beachgoers to sign, Dice advocated for the arrest of “anti-vaxxers” with a deadpan delivery, and most of the passersby shown didn’t question the petition’s authenticity.

“Drastic measures need to be taken. These people can think about what they’ve done when they’re sitting in jail,” said Dice as one young man signed the petition.

“Correct,” the man responded.

“So we’re going to put them in jail if they continue to refuse,” Dice said to one woman. “There will be a 30-day window where they can go get vaccinated before they’re arrested. But until then, we’re going to take care of them.”

“Good. Yay,” the woman exclaimed.

Dice said to a young man, “I don’t want to hear any of this ‘My body, my choice’ stuff in today’s new world order. We’re going to put things right.”

A few women refused to sign, but it was men who were the most outspoken in objecting to the petition.

“Are you kidding me? That’s fascism, man,” said one.

“You’re a scumbag, dude,” exclaimed a young man with a surfboard.

Another man said, “This is a joke, right?”

Dice immediately dropped his facade.

“Oh, it is a joke, actually. Oh, you’d be surprised at how many people – all these people signed and agreed,” said Dice, showing him the petition.

“They’re all idiots,” said the man.

“They are all idiots,” agreed Dice. “Thank you for not being one.”


11 thoughts on “In disturbing experiment, Americans sign petition to arrest and jail all unvaccinated adults

  1. Anyone who signed that should start swimming two-hundred miles out into the ocean.

    “The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.” ~ Harlan Ellison

      1. I also like the variation: “There is more stupidity around than hydrogen and it has a longer shelf life.” ~ Frank Zappa

    1. Writing your name down on a piece of paper takes no guts, takes no balls.
      Now you wrote it down, now come and f-king do it.

  2. Though Mark Dice was demonstrating the stupidity of people and showing how severely programmed they are, he should have finished the job. After they signed he could have told them what they are supporting and encouraging: Communistic loss of Freedom, with a side of GENOCIDE!! He should have said that they are ruining America and traitors to its Supreme Law, The Peoples’ Bill of Rights. I don’t know if those folks ever found out it was all a joke, and likely they went away thinking they did a very good thing. So seeds were planted in them that the unvaccinated certainly need to be jailed and they are happy to help with that process. Some things are just too scary or important to joke about. Did Dice just fortify the nation’s Karens and Todds or even created more of them?


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