3 thoughts on “In Ireland, police indiscriminately swinging at people

  1. where are the videos of US indiscriminately swinging at those sonsabitches!!?? some smart guy said.. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.. I guess we won’t see any. they want us to all think nobody ever stands up to em.. we have no chance. don’t even try.. makes me so fukin mad I really don’t know how long before I just snap!!

  2. We are not hungry, yet. Look at the video, who outnumbers who? Remember 150 million gun owners, especially after this past year! someone have a more accurate number, let me know. I believe if the dc rats try to enforce mandatory experimental
    shots , that might do it. I have to agree with you, Mike, the UK seems angrier than US, probably forced lockdowns. Time will tell.

  3. I WILL NOT take any mandatory experimental vaccination, l will not work for any employer that requires me to take a vaccination, I will defend my life at all cost.

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