In Italy the Vaxx is no longer legally approved for use

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In Italy, like in many nations the Covid-19 experimental serums were put into use under extraordinary authorization.  That authorization has just expired, making the Vaxx passport a dead letter.

The authorization was allowed in an extraordinary manner because it was alleged there were no other cures, and no other cures were approved.

In the European Union, there exist two forms of extraordinary authorization: Conditional Approval to Commercially Distribute, and Emergency Authorization.

Emergency Authorization does not include permission for commercial distribution and requires each member State of the EU to take legal responsibility.

For that reason, the EU members opted for Conditional Approval.

Under conditional approval, a vaccine must meet a unmet need, that is, it can only be requested for such approval if there is no other approved cures.

That Conditional Approval for Commercial use authorization has expired, in law, with the official recognition by AIFA, the Italian Pharmaceutical Approval Agency, of the use of other monoclonial anti-bodies as an effective cure for SarsCov19 infection.

Vaccines of any kind cannot be commercially employed in Italy with out AIFA’s authorization.

AIFA has approved only 2 mRNA vaccines: Pfizer and Moderna.

And only 2 Viral Vector vaccines: AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson.

The announcement appeared recently on their website, but it took effect on August 7, 2021.

The MSM and the Italian government will not tell you this, because the Pandemic is a rolling ongoing scam of apocalyptic proportions.

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