One thought on “In yer face!

  1. Dear Inquisitor,

    In very much wanting to pass this on-line exam, I had to use my best judgement in attempting to complete it.

    Part one: I see that part one is a trick question that common sense alerts me to ignore, knowing full well that the whole damn bunch of ’em are bed-mates and equally involved in the daily execution of The Circus of Chaos. I’m confident I aced part one.

    Part two: Militia!! Hope I’m right. Though not being a Constitutional scholar, and knowing it is a flawed and deficient document, I do not embrace this answer with the confidence of my previous response.

    Part three: Easy. Us!! It is we. We The People.

    Wow, that was tough. Hope I get my grade soon. Want to advance to College of The Trench, with a masters in The Common Law and a doctorate in The Bill of Rights. Never been more serious in my life.



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