How about a peek at the net worth of the performers (enablers) on today’s Communist Contrivance. And this is only what’s publicly reported; I bet it’s much higher:

Garth Brooks – $400 Million

Jennifer Lopez – $400 Million

Bruch Springsteen – $500 Million

Lady Gaga – $275 Million

Tom Hanks – $350 Million

Jon Bon Jovi – $410 Million

Justin Timberlake – $250 Million

Katy Perry – $330 Million

I’m sure they all relate to the struggles of the American people. But this is what they are throwing in our faces: Bread and circuses, disguised as entertainment for a communist dictator. It’s sickening to see. Maybe The Boss will bust out, and say, “This is all bullsh*t lies.” Nah, he’s busy putting on a harmony to Lopez’s “This land is your land.” In other words, “Come one, come all,” and be prepared to cower.

3 thoughts on “Inauguration

  1. All plus many more on the No Watch No Buy lists fk Hollywood ass hats, arrogant self important maggots and that includes the so called patriot ones

    Kurt Risse, Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson I’m sure they have put 100s millions into support and logistic lines for the coming uprising for the bill of rights…Riiiight!?

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