INBOUND China Shipping Docks are empty. No products arriving to ports.

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Containers usually fill up the ports with incoming products that we all buy.

This female truck driver gives us a look at the current situation. No Shipping Containers, no products.

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There may be reasons to start panic buying ! No ships, No Containers, No products on the shelves.

It begins.

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3 thoughts on “INBOUND China Shipping Docks are empty. No products arriving to ports.

  1. Last Saturday I went to the big city to do some grocery shopping. I went to two different stores one of which was Walmart. Many items at both stores were reduced in price. I did not see anything out of the ordinary as far as empty shelves until I got to the aisles where bleach and the large containers of hand soap were stocked. They were almost all gone. I agree with Mark that prices are going shoot up.

  2. I noticed toilet paper, water, rice and a few other things are almost completely gone at my Walmart and Costco areas, too.

    Word has it from my wife’s family in Wuhan is that they don’t know when this quarantine is going to be lifted. Some say end of April, some say end of May or even June. Right now there’s no change in status and while other provinces in China are not quarantined as much, the people that are working are doing what they can to help bring food to Wuhan during this time, leaving the rest of the world out in the cold.

    It’s happening just as I said it would. No Chinese people working = no one producing. Now the world is seeing the effects and it will only get worse as months go on. That’s what happens when all the friggin corporations send all the jobs and productivity to China.

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