Incredible Flying Squid Photographed For The First Time

flying squidBefore It’s News – by Alton Parrish

The squid are able to suck in water and squirt it out  for a form of jet propulsion.   Such an action is known as “flying squid” and has been witnessed in many parts of the world.  It is thought that squid fly to escape predators.  The squid can propel themselves out of the water and through the air for 100ft at speeds of up to 11.2 meters per second according to  Jun Yamamoto of Hokkaido University.

Yamamoto and his team had been tracking a shoal of the squid east of Tokyo when they observed the animals launching themselves from the water. “There were always witnesses and rumors that said squid were seen flying, and we have proved that it really is true,” he said. “Once they finish shooting out the water, they glide by spreading out their fins and arms. As they land back in the water, the fins are all folded back into place to minimize the impact.”It has been found that squid flight can be divided into four stages action “part.

◆ jump out: spit water out of   water vigorously. At this stage, arms wrapped around the mantle fins to reduce the resistance of the water the folding is done close to the surface of the water is they can swim at high speed before jumping out

◆ injection: arms outstretched fins and also to accelerate in the air continued to spray water from the funnel to generate a further lift.   At this time, spread the protective film located between the arms, which is shaped like a “wing” with arms. At this stage the moving speed in the air is reached  at 8.8-11.2 meters per second.

◆ glide: after the water injection is completed, they start the glide while maintaining a state in which they spread their arms and fins to create lift.  The squid has raised its “wings” and  its arms are slightly raised position toward the direction of travel and are balanced.  The mantle remains tense, according to the lifting (arms and fins) around the body and are stable in the air.

◆ splashdown: they fold their arms and wrap them  around the mantle fins, at a slightly lower position with respect to the direction of travel to reduce the impact during landing. In this way, the squid is not just “jumping out from the water” but shows a ” highly developed flight behavior.”

Contacts and sources:
Institute of Fisheries Science, Hokkaido University

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