‘Incurable’ & drug-resistant: Deadly superbug colonizing hospitals across globe


Doctors are warning of a potentially fatal and “formidable” pathogen which has spread to hospitals across the globe and is resistant to all known antibiotics.

A team of researchers from the University of Melbourne in Australia discovered three multidrug-resistant strains of Staphylococcus epidermidis which emerged in recent decades and spread globally. The team studied samples from 78 medical institutions across 10 countries, releasing their findings in the journal Nature Microbiology on Monday.  

“Often it just colonises the skin,” researcher Ben Howden said as cited by ABC News Australia“It doesn’t necessarily lead to infection. But in a smaller number of people it can lead to a serious, invasive infection requiring complex treatment.”

S. epidermidis, a relative of the better-known MRSA superbug, is found commonly on human skin, and poses no real threat to the majority of the human population. However, people who have compromised immune systems, are recovering from surgery or have implanted medical devices such as catheters or joint replacements are susceptible to the potentially-severe and sometimes fatal infection.

“The discovery is really that there’s this bacteria that’s been spreading in hospitals around the world somewhat unrecognised for a number of years,” Howden said. “This is just another example of the use of antibiotics driving bacteria to become more and more resistant.”

The study concludes that hospital practices, including inappropriate prescription of antibiotics in intensive care units may “have driven the evolution of this organism, once trivialized as a contaminant, towards potentially incurable infections.”

“It can be deadly, but it’s usually in patients who already are very sick in hospital… it can be quite hard to eradicate and the infections can be severe,” Howden said.

“This highlights that the use of more and more antibiotics is driving more drug-resistant bacteria,” he warned. “With all bacteria in a hospital environment we are driving more resistant strains and there’s no doubt that antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest dangers to hospital care worldwide.”


13 thoughts on “‘Incurable’ & drug-resistant: Deadly superbug colonizing hospitals across globe

  1. The S. Areus has now become resistant to alcohol, formally the main weapon in maintaining hospital surfaces clean, but now apparently, the alcohol only causes a hangover. Once you are infected, the “bicho” can lay quietly, spreading into your skin, eyes, ears, internal organs, especially the urinary tract, bones, lungs and heart before you are able to find the problem. This is personal experience. Also, the “bicho” is very aggressive in defeating any and all antibiotics in very short time.

    1. “Also, the “bicho” is very aggressive in defeating any and all antibiotics in very short time.”

      Absolutely WRONG!

      Colloidal silver will kill ANY virus, germ, microbe or parasite on the planet.

      Doesn’t matter if it mutates, it will kill the mutation just as quick, and NOTHING can build an immiunity to it.

      I just made some day before yesterday.

        1. The only way to tell for sure would be to spray Washington DC and see if any of them survive.
          Colloidal silver is the only chance poor people have to stay alive. I’m sure there are going to be a lot of people who want us dead and are going to find all kinds of things wrong with it.
          What is your agenda, dr.ante?

          1. I am saying that collodial silver can kill single cell organism, and not multicell. Parasites are not single cell. Maybe i am wrong, but this is what i have learn.

        2. Beg to differ – this is from a silver website. There are videos up on the internet, but they’re Vimeo, so I can’t copy & post the links to them.

          PARASITE INFECTIONS: The level of Colloidal Silver must be adequate enough to be absorbed into your body and organs in order to kill the parasites therefore consistency consuming Colloidal Silver is essential in combating parasites.

        3. And you really should look before you leap. All I did was Google the question ‘Can colloidal silver kill parasites’ (I already knew it could, but like I tell everyone – “Don’t take my word for it, look it up for yourself – THAT’S WHAT THE INTERNET IS BEST USED FOR!”).

          Most prefer to live with the lie, unfortunately.

    2. Want a really sterile surface?
      Use STAR-SAN!
      No alcohol! It’s acid. I use it in beer making……..
      It kills everything. Buy it on eBay.

    3. I used to make colloidal silver until it turned my eyes gray instead of blue, and didn’t notice any instant cure after taking it. But thanks to you guys, I decided to take another look at it, and lo and behold came across a Scientific American report that between it and you guys, I have to eat my words. Luckily, I saved my silver and homemade transformer and tomorrow morning plan on making another batch, because I have come to the end of all the antibiotics. With the silver, it seems I could begin taking some of the more potent antibiotics again, and they might still work with colloidal silver. Here’s the article that can put an end to all “doubting thomases.”


      1. “… didn’t notice any instant cure after taking it.”

        I did.

        Started buying it at GNC (before I found out how easy it is to make) about 7 years ago. Every time I felt the very 1st sign of a cold coming on (throat gets ‘scratchy’, taste of cold phlegm), I would down a shot glass of silver. Next day… ZERO SYMPTOMS – stopped dead in its tracks. I finally caught a cold this last winter. One reason only… I was completely out of colloidal silver.

  2. And just when you thought cdiff was bad in a hospital.

    We have an viral infection that can’t be cured by common measures.

    It’s a viral infection called stupidity.

    I mean it’s so contagious. ..

    Is that you don’t even have to have physical contact anymore.

    You just look at someone stupid.

    Then they automatically are infected…

    They look back at you instantaneously stupid.


    It beats incurable flesh eating gonorrhea.

  3. I retired at the end of 2008………for at least 10 years prior to that there was always talk about some superbug and how the current antibiotics were not adequate blah blah blah…….

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