‘Independence Day’ Star Bill Pullman Urges People to Wear ‘Freedom Masks’


Bill Pullman, star of the 1996 film “Independence Day,” put out a public service announcement urging people to wear their “freedom masks” this 4th of July.

“Hello, America. I may not be your president right now but I’ve got to tell you, the 4th of July is still my favorite holiday and it always will be,” Pullman said in a video posted to YouTube Saturday. 

“This Independence Day, I’m going to be celebrating my freedom in a really important way,” he continued. “I’m gonna be wearing my freedom mask every time I go into public places. That’s right, freedom masks. Because if everybody in America agreed to wear one of these going into public places, we’d be a little closer to being free to safely go back to places like bars and restaurants and schools and most importantly movie theaters.”

“I’d much rather have you see me fly that plane on the big screen than some little selfie,” he concluded.

The actor played President Thomas J. Whitmore in the movie “Independence Day” alongside Will Smith as Captain Steven Hiller, Jeff Goldblum as David Levinson, and Mary McDonnell as First Lady Marilyn Whitmore.

Bill Pullman is also known for roles like Lone Starr in 1987’s “Spaceballs,” Jack in 1995’s “While You Were Sleeping” opposite Sandra Bullock and Peter Gallagher, and Walter in “Sleepless in Seattle” opposite Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.

You can watch the message from Pullman here.


3 thoughts on “‘Independence Day’ Star Bill Pullman Urges People to Wear ‘Freedom Masks’

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  2. White is black, right is wrong and up is down.

    Cathartic moment right about now.

    Oh, these times are changing. .

    Almost time to shine.

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