Indian Woman From Andhra Pradesh Dies From Brain Stroke After COVID-19 Vaccine

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A woman from the state of Andhra Pradesh in India has died after suffering a brain stroke after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. The family of the victim claims she developed seizures and fever after receiving the vaccination and died due to the vaccine

An accredited social health activist (Asha) worker, Bokka Vijaya Lakshmi (42) was declared brain dead on Saturday night.

According to the reports, Vijaya Lakshmi had recieved COVID 19 vaccine shot on January 19th. She suffered a brain stroke on Friday and she was immediately rushed to the hospital GGH.

The family members of Vijaya Lakshmi alleged that the she might have died due to corona vaccine. They said that she developed seizures and fever after receiving the vaccination.

Hoever, the health authorities said that the woman didn’t suffer brain stroke due to vaccination.

GGH Guntur Superintendent Dr G Prabhavati said that,

“We carried out all radiographic and laboratory investigations after she was brought to the hospital on Friday. Her stroke is not related to Covid-19 vaccine. She is currently being treated in the stroke unit of neurology department.”

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