Indicted Democratic congresswoman loses post on veterans panel

Politico – by Mike Zapler

Longtime Democratic Rep. Corrine Brown will step down from her role as ranking member of the Veterans Affairs Committee until a federal corruption case filed against her Friday is resolved, Democrats said.

The Florida congresswoman and her chief of staff were charged with 24 counts of wrongdoing. Federal prosecutors say she used her position in Congress to solicit money to a phony education group and spent the money on car repairs, vacations, and lavish events.

“The charges against Congresswoman Corrine Brown in the indictment today are deeply saddening,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D_Calif.) said in a statement. “Pursuant to the standing rules of the House Democratic Caucus, Congresswoman Brown has rightly stepped down from her position as ranking member of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs pending the resolution of this matter.”

Brown, 69, was first elected in 1993 to a Jacksonville-area district.

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3 thoughts on “Indicted Democratic congresswoman loses post on veterans panel

  1. “Federal prosecutors say she used her position in Congress to solicit money”


    HI GEORGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Brown will step down.
    Hey that kinda rhymes huh….
    Hit ME…
    On the good foot.
    Livin in Amerika…aaaa
    I feel good..
    Cause papa’s gotta brand new bag.

  3. 300 years. Not sure what her diet is, looks worse than MINE was! I don’t see that lady lasting that long. But because ALL LIVES MATTER, one can HOPE.

    I would bet at least one of the 50K laws on firearms, got rubber-stamped by her, especially if Pelosi is elbow to elbow. But then I might be paying out since I didn’t bother to look. IN the end I still will blindly take the bet that she’s a stamper ;o)

    two searches later….(less lazyness, fix posture, hold head up)

    Oh wait wasn’t shee …. part of… I don’t SEE her, am I blind?

    They must have just stopped eating long enough to put the pacifiers in. Or maybe she was STILL eating? and missed the Money Shot?

    I have no Idea but I’d rather see Pelosi get indicted,
    Far MORE damage unfolding,
    maybe after Brown? One can HOPE.
    Also at ISSUE to RE-Fill the vacuum, roll-backing of her unconstitutional paperwork? How long will that take? Refilling with non-traitor pro loyal to the US. I’m already over 50!

    In any event if they keep getting busted for treason, I say it’s going to start leaving a vacuum.

    we got to fill that vacuum with GOOD, not EVIL, Liberty, not Dictatorship.
    Non compromise to corruption, has to come from knowledge and awareness, right now we fly BLIND, with no rule of law. These skills are denied mostly by hiding things from the people. We never get a point of reference to remain static long enough to truly come down on them and reverse the damages

    Even though I try, I still can’t visualize the traitor’s cleanup here.
    I will keep TRYING.
    if all that happens is 300 years, and her bad laws get to stay?!
    I will keep TRYING.
    I better!

    Think how much time it would take if people like you an I had access to say (random target roll) CBS’s infrastructure to reverse their damage. I mean their people can’t even run their own blog, let alone edit video or install an OS. give me a break, think of how busy you or I would be there! Hell we don’t have the BANKROLL we got the skills. We don’t even NEED to get GREEDY! Our Free Spirit rolls circles around them always!

    Anyone doing a weekly public access tv show with a website is doing more than these PAID PROS are! Yet you never SEE the REAL public access shoved in your face. “Hey you got to watch this!” I digress..
    Instead You get a Corporate PBS which is unfortunately named as a perfect LIE like the Federal Reserve is also stealing or occupying a fraud via name and symbol to the American Public.

    God Speed then Rep. Brown
    I can only HOPE COMEY ain’t there..

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