Industrial Land Owners File Suit Against Pacific Power


Eight of the largest industrial timber landowners in Oregon have filed suit against Pacific Power for the timber losses they suffered in the 2020 Labor Day fires in Douglas County.

Jeff Mornarich of Dole Coalwell Attorneys in Roseburg said the landowners include Roseburg Resources Company, Mount Scott Holding Company; LLC, entities affiliated with Lone Rock Timber Management Company and two clients of Forest Investment Associates L.P., a timberland investment adviser and manager.

The release said during the Labor Day weekend of 2020, the National Weather Service and the U.S. Forest Service notified the public that a once in a lifetime, historic, high wind event would hit Oregon and northern California that would cause dangerous fire conditions in the dry forests and similar land.  Heeding these warnings, the Douglas Forest Protective Association prohibited all forestry operations during this period of time because of the wildfire threat. Portland General Electric in Oregon and Pacific Gas & Electric in California shut the power to over 170,000 customers to protect the public because of the high probability their electrical lines would fail in this historic high wind and dry fuel event.

The suit alleges that Pacific Power did not heed the warnings and shut off the power like neighboring utilities did. It says that multiple devastating wildfires ignited the forest lands, exactly where the power had not been shut off. Those wildfires destroyed over 50,000 acres of prime commercial grade timber owned by the landowners.

The landowner’s suit alleges that Pacific Power is responsible for their losses for a number of reasons. The suit requests double damages exceeding $349 million, as allowed under Oregon law, based on what it calls the “recklessness” of the utility.

Scott Folk, President of Roseburg Resources, said “The Labor Day fires devastated our community and harmed our company, our team members and their families. People lost their homes and possessions, and our company lost valuable timber during a time of high nationwide need for wood products”. Folk said the suit requests damages from Pacific Power for failing to follow “…the most fundamental safety measures during a time of known fire danger”. Folk said, “We file this suit to recover our losses and to protect the public from reckless conduct by utilities that do not follow their own safety practices and procedures during high wildfire risk wind events. We do not want our community to suffer as the result of this kind of negligence again”.

Mornarich said this is a new suit in addition to one already on file, plus a number of suits filed by insurance companies against Pacific Power.


One thought on “Industrial Land Owners File Suit Against Pacific Power

  1. This is similar to PG&E’s alleged responsibility for creating major fires over the recent years in Northern Comifornia, Paradise, Dixie, etc..
    IMO, there is more at play. In the case of PG&E, there is little upkeep on aging power runs that travel long distances through fire prone forests. Also, little thinning of hazardous vegetation adjascent to lines. This is on purpose.
    These companies are playing the “fall guy” for the agenda to have only “renewable” forms of energy in every “region”. This means no traditional power from afar. All energy will have to be produces locally via wind or solar, then stored in battery banks.
    The PRS dialectic is to get rural dwelling people to call for “something safer” than trad. electric, and to rally for “green” local energy. Of course, this won’t work, especially in rural areas that won’t have the economy of scale in energy production that mega-cities will. Especially since ALL things combustible will have to be replaced with electric. Heating, cooling, vehicle charging, commercial, industrial and residential will have to run on renewable electric. Obama’s statement that “electricity prices will necessarily soar” will be in play, especially in rural areas.
    They want rural dwellers in the smart gulags, and energy is one way they’ll try to force people economically out of the country areas.
    The real causes of these mega fires is never revealed by the JMSM. It could be the power companies’ malfeasance, but also arson, combines with high wind, appear to be the cause half the time.
    At the same time, such things as Ionospheric “heaters” like the EISCAT, in Norway, litter the planet. The EISCAT can actually alter the jet stream’s path. Then, NEXRAD doppler radar and HAARP.
    Last summer, the wind started in spring and blew almost every day through the summer. Looking at the sattelite weather maps that Mike Morales and Carol Neverlosetruth posted, the Pacific ocean was pea soup all summer, with a large cyclone formation holding all summer. Major “ship tracks” produced by ships burning dirty diesel offshore literally clouded the whole northern Pacific. Yet the clouds STOPPED right at the Left coast, as wildfires raged. The cyclone brought severe weather through Canada and flooded through America.
    I will claim that they’re steering the jet stream to create sustained periods of wind. Neverlosetruth just reported 50 houses in TX today that had only tall grass around- they burned because of high wind (and probably arson). Last fall, she covered the 1000 homes in Colorado, with little vegetation around, torched to the ground. Wind did all the work after the arson.
    Conclusion, everything is a fckn lie and a fake left, go right. Fck the power companies and timber companies. If the timber companies want to do something, maybe they should blow a whistle, but they’d rather play in the admiralty court, where they’ll get a bone.

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