Information on the Johnson & Johnson covid19 vaccine

I received an answer to my inquiry about the Johnson & Johnson covid19 vaccine that was sent to Tenpenny IMC back on March 9th. Here is the response I received.

From: Gail

3/15/2021 at 9:29 AM

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Dear Sunfire,

Thank you so much for contacting Tenpenny IMC. Dr. Tenpenny does not believe that the J & J vaccine is safer! We do not know all the ingredients or dosages at this time for the J & J vaccine however a little poison is still poison. They got approval on TWO WEEKS of safety data.
Also there is no way to detox from these vaccines!

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On Tuesday, March 9, 2021, 02:05:32 PM EST, Sunfire wrote:

Dr Tenpenny has been a champion at warning the American people about the dangers of the MRNA covid19 vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna). Will she be issuing any information on the Johnson&Johnson adrenovirus (non-MRNA) covid19 vaccine? Personally, I am not taking ANY covid19 vaccine, but I want to be able to explain the dangers of all the covid19 vaccines to my family and friends.

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9 thoughts on “Information on the Johnson & Johnson covid19 vaccine

  1. There is NO Vaccine for Covid-19

    This has already been clarified

    To my knowledge, this so called Virus has NOT been isolated

    Until then, there can be No debate or discussions it is all a criminal Hoax by the NWO bent on the destruction and subjugation of our American nation…

  2. Some Christians I know might be interested in getting the J&J “vaccine” since it does not contain mRNA like Pfizer & Moderna, BUT DOES CONTAIN aborted fetal parts as far as I know (and I suspect these Christians already know that, because it has widely been shown it does contain aborted fetal parts I think even by the company’s own admission). Thanks for this info, Sunfire. And these same Christians I know are saying Russia’s Sputnik V “vaccine” contains none of these things…. but who knows?

    Me? I am not taking any “vaccine” for covid or anything else the CPEs create to destroy humanity. This is what I tell folks out here who got the Moderna shot (the only one available out here) and wonder why I have not–I tell them I am “experimenting” on myself, comparing how my body reacts to whatever as opposed to theirs, and how I will react regarding the (likely) coming “vaccine passports” as opposed to their “belief” they are “free” to travel or whatever…when in fact they will be slaves. You know the expression: those who are slaves are the ones who think they are free.

    Nearly all my loved ones live in Texas and I have had no problems seeing them including the ones south of Houston. My brother in a nearby state and his wife got their shots “so they could visit relatives” who mostly live in blue states in the northeast….it’ll be interesting to know if that scenario actually plays out…I have a funny feeling my brother and his wife will regret getting their “shots.” Same goes for any other relatives and loved ones. But I will not consent! Period!

    1. As if the aborted fetus cells aren’t disgusting enough, you can clearly see that what these vaccines all do is the same, and there is no way to detox once they are in the body. I won’t be taking any covid19 vaccine either. Those who think they will be free to travel and other “freedoms” will be dead, much like all those cult members who committed suicide because they thought they would be transferred to a UFO, they believed a stupid lie. Most of family are already dead long before the era of covid19. I believe within six months to a year, we will be seeing huge numbers of people dying from the vaccines.

  3. It’s so frustrating trying to talk to people about the dangers of these vaccines when they think they know everything. Here is a conversation I had today:

    (me) “While the Johnson&Johnson vaccine may seem to be the lesser of three evils (the other two being Pfizer and Moderna covid19 vaccines), Dr. Sherri Tenpenny explains how these vaccines work and the dangers of taking them. I have decided not to take any covid19 vaccine. My mom had auto-immune issues so I feel the risk outweighs any benefit it would be for me personally. I am not telling anyone to not be vaccinated or to be vaccinated for covid19. I am just stating why I am not taking any covid19 vaccine. I am curious to see how people who have been vaccinated are doing at the six month and one year mark.”

    (friend) “I have had the first round of Pfizer and second comes this week. Although I haven’t watched Dr. Tenquacky’s video I do have a very good understanding of how the mRNA vaccine works. My concern about Pfizer’s isn’t safety as they’re a stellar company. My only concern is how long the memory will be retained by the immune system as mRNA is a very new way of handling viruses. Science is new on them and the jury is out about their long term effectiveness. I am immunal compromised and mRNA is definitely by far the safest bet as it’s not a real virus that could potentially take hold if the vaccine maker didn’t kill the real virus enough. ”

    (me) “I hope you’re right, I really do. One fact that cannot be denied is the MRNA vaccines are experimental, there are no long term studies, nor have they ever been used on humans before. I honestly don’t know how you can call a doctor that you have absolutely no knowledge about a “quack”. Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny DO is an osteopathic medical doctor, board certified in three medical specialties. If she is such a “quack” then everything she said should easily be explained as to why she is wrong, but since as you yourself have stated, you didn’t watch the video, therefore you have no idea what was even said. Regardless, I hope you will be okay.”

    (friend) “I have no doubt I’ll be fine. I’m very familiar with who she is. She is a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy pusher. She still to this day pushes 100% debunked antivax lies and bs as facts. IF she still carries a medical license of any kind it only signifies the failure of the medical board. No ‘doctor’ would ever refuse to accept science in place of conspiracies and lies. She absolutely can not be an effective doctor if she literally denounces the very oath she took.”

    (me) “Again, I hope you are right (that you will be fine). She isn’t the only doctor talking about the dangers of these experimental vaccines. As for the oath “Do no harm.”, yeah, that depends on one’s viewpoint. I am not here to convince anyone to be vaccinated or not to be vaccinated. I simply do not trust these vaccines. Everyone should be free to accept or decline them. Vaccines should never be mandatory.”

    1. I would have told my “friend”:
      Me: Go to your computer, genius, and print out the study that isolated the covid 19 virus and/or the antibody for covid 19 and meet me back here tomorrow. If you can show me these documents I will acquiesce, if not, I’m going to whip your ass, hard, for being so f-king stupid and for thinking you can shove stupidity down my throat. I’m going to stomp you real good because it is c-ksuckers like you that acquiesce to communism that is in violation of my rights that are destroying this country. I’ll be waiting right here, unless you are too f-king yella or have died from the vaccine during the night.

      1. If he believes that Pfizer is a “stellar” company and therefore has a superior vaccine, there isn’t anything I can say that will convince him otherwise. He has the right to stick poison in his body if he so chooses, and in the end, it’s already in his body. I have been warning people about these toxic concoctions from their inception. I don’t care if it’s a family member, or a friend, acquaintance, or anyone else I know, if they don’t listen to reason, their blood is on their own hands. It’s the watchman’s job to warn the people of danger, once he’s done that, his duty is fulfilled. It’s not the watchman’s job to make people flee from the danger.

        1. Truth is, dude, I would have floored the mother f-ker just for running his smart ass mouth at me and calling me a conspiracy theorist and a tin foil hat wearer. And he isn’t your friend, he is a communist boot licker, a dead head, an imbecile, a mush mind.
          You bet it is his right to put any kind of poison in him that he wants. F-k, I’ll inject him myself.
          I don’t treat nice with these people, friend, or foe. A retard tries to treat me like I’m ignorant, I’ll bust them in their f-king nose. That’s just me.

          1. This person lives in a different state than I do (both physically and obviously psychologically), but I look at it this way, he had himself injected with a toxic substance that will likely end his life. When he’s dying he’ll realize too late that sometimes it’s better to listen to friends than any “official narrative”.

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