6 thoughts on “Infowars Callers Angry at Alex Jones for Zionist Propaganda

  1. I love all of these callers from the bottom of my heart…music to my ears. Thank You so much for presenting this video. Tell it, tell it, tell it.

  2. An incredibly positive video. You can tell the people are fed up with the lies. It’s bound to be that more and more shows will get bombarded with these truth bombs. They got nowhere to run. Thanks, Wade!


  3. Very good vid

    Me thinks they protest too much… we’ll when Alex Jewnes decided to change his color scheme to Jew blue… it all came clear…!!!

    He is of course an exceptional controlled opposition, u must give him that…

    Well there’s a rope with his name on it too…and that’s why he gets so mad, cause he knows it too..!!

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