8 thoughts on “Ingraham: The kids aren’t alright

  1. Laura Ingram is a lying fraud/profiteer who has a vested interest in the NEA as her brother is a teacher in San Francisco.

    1. True, but she is definitely right about that freakin’ ZOOM! I refuse to comply with it! (Heck, my writers group is even having “house parties” using ZOOM! Ridiculous!)

  2. Some would argue that having the school buildings closed, the buses not running, and all the athletic activities suspended would make a lot of school taxes go down if more online learning was done.

  3. Did those kids ever have a chance to play hand ball at recess? How about a quick game of soccer? How about monkey bars during their recess?

    Are they allowed to ride their friggen bikes to school? How about Social Studies class teaching them the Bill of Rights?

    Yes you traitor bitch, our kids are in fkn trouble alright!

    Yeah, EOTS I read the comments, goddamn it, lets get this shit over with…Those kids listen to Henry and Johns show, those kids troubles are over.

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