Intelligence Suggests Assad Not Behind Chemical Weapons Attack

Infowars – by Paul Joseph Watson

Intercepted phone calls that will be presented by the Obama administration as proof that Bashar Al-Assad was behind last week’s chemical weapons attack in Syria actually suggest that the attack was not ordered by the Syrian government.

Phone calls by the Syrian Ministry of Defense intercepted by Mossad and passed to the US reveal that Syrian government officials, “exchanged panicked phone calls with a leader of a chemical weapons unit, demanding answers for a nerve agent strike that killed more than 1,000 people,” in the hours after last week’s attack.  

Why would the Syrian Ministry of Defense be making panicked phone calls “demanding answers” about the attack if they had ordered it?

The fact that the highest levels of the Syrian government apparently had no knowledge of the attack strongly suggests that they did not order it, with the worst case scenario being that the attack was “the work of a Syrian officer overstepping his bounds,” writes Foreign Policy’s Noah Shachtman.

“We don’t know exactly why it happened,” a US intelligence official told Foreign Policy. “We just know it was pretty f#@king stupid.”

So despite not knowing exactly what happened, why it happened, or who ordered it, while sabotaging the UN’s investigation of the incident, the US is about to launch cruise missile attacks and potentially enflame the entire region based on evidence that actually suggests the Syrian government had no idea who was behind the chemical weapons attack.

Meanwhile, previous evidence that suggests the US-backed rebels prepared and used chemical weapons on numerous occasions has been completely forgotten in the rush to war.

The last time the United Nations investigated evidence of chemical weapons use in Syria, inspectors concluded that it was likely the rebels and not Assad’s forces who were behind the attacks.

In addition, leaked phone conversations that emerged earlier this year between two members of the Free Syrian Army contain details of a plan to carry out a chemical weapons attack capable of impacting an area the size of one kilometer.

There are also multiple other examples of video footage which shows US-backed rebels preparing and using chemical weapons.

The notion that Washington has any credibility when it comes to laying blame about weapons of mass destruction is ludicrous.

The last time the world believed the United States’ claims about Iraq’s non-existent WMD, hundreds of thousands of innocent people died as a result.

The Obama administration is about to launch the United States headlong into a conflict that could spark a new war in the Middle East, yet the very justification for the assault is being blithely accepted by the mainstream media, who have learned nothing from how their obsequious and unquestioning behavior prior to the 2003 invasion of Iraq helped grease the skids for a decade of bloodshed and disaster.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

4 thoughts on “Intelligence Suggests Assad Not Behind Chemical Weapons Attack

  1. What? But in the last article posted,

    “Israeli intelligence ‘intercepted Syrian regime talk about chemical attack’”,

    the 8200 unit that collects and analyses electronic data, including wiretapping telephone calls and emails and is the largest unit in the IDF, just told us that they had hardcore evidence stating that the Syrian regime carried out the chemical attack. And we know they would never lie to us now, would they? They’re Israel. (sarcasm)

    Tsk.. tsk… Somebody’s up to their old, lying tricks again and I’m betting it ain’t the Syrian regime.

  2. ““We don’t know exactly why it happened,” a US intelligence official told Foreign Policy. “We just know it was pretty f#@king stupid.””

    That’s funny. I can say the same thing about why the U.S. invaded Iraq.

  3. “Israeli intelligence ‘intercepted Syrian regime talk about chemical attack”
    This is the same group of Jewish vipers who told us that “Saddam had WMD’s & yellowcake from Niger” which ended up killing 3,000 Americans in Iraq & perhaps 500,000 Iraqi men, women & children simply fighting a foreign invader – us.
    Who benefits by having it look like Assad used chems on his own people?
    Certainly not Assad, but definitely that parasite that masquerades as an ally to the US; Israel.

  4. Not Assad. The beasts are doing the same thing they did to get the US
    into WWII – deceit. As Assad said: “A Revolution is usually done by the
    people not by importing Foreigners to Rebel against the people”.
    Ask yourself who eviscerates and eats the livers of the humans.

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