International Game of Chicken being Played out at the G20 Summit in Mexico

We’ve all seen the footage coming out of Mexico of Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Obama sitting on the stage adjacent to one another.  And of course, we the people are not allowed to be privy to the content of the secret talks that are occurring behind closed doors.  If you look at Putin, he looks like a very angry Russian and Obama looks like a back alley street thug getting ready to do something very dangerous.

It has only been a few months since Secretary of State Hillary the Hut Clinton stated emphatically that Syria’s President Assad “has to go”, which was seconded by her boy Obama.  Since then we have seen every trick in the book being used in the effort to procure a NATO invasion into Syria, with the only thing deterring the final move being the Russian and Chinese governments saying that this crap has gone on long enough and the US and Israel invade Syria over their nuclear missiles.

This is not a game.  We are talking about the death, not of millions this time around, but rather billions.  We are talking about destruction on a scale that none of us can imagine, in spite of the ten thousand and one disaster movies we have watched.

Now we have top US propagandists coming forth attempting to goat we the people into supporting a fight with the Russians, which in reality would be with the Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians, the Pakistanis, the Syrians, and God only knows who else as any commencement of hostilities will result in World War III, complete with nuclear exchanges.

US propagandists likewise are needling the Russians, saying they are providing weapons to Syria which are being used for state sponsored terrorism, in particular helicopters, which in truth the Russians are merely returning to Syria after having repaired them.  These helicopters were sold to the Syrians by the Russians prior to the CIA and Mossad instigated violence in Syria.

And of course the US propagandists are reporting that the Russians are sending war ships with troops on board to Syria.  What they are failing to mention is that those ships and troops are going to Russia’s only port in the Mediterranean which is in Syria.

At Obama’s press conference yesterday, he stated that he had failed to persuade Russia and China to remove their protection for Syria but that he would continue to negotiate with the Russians and Chinese for the removal of Assad.

Anyone who thinks that Russia is no longer a world power and that China and Russia, in coalition, are no match for the United States, had better do a warhead count.

The international corporate mafia wants to kill off 90% of the world population.  I think the only thing preventing the launch of World War III right now is that the Russians have probably indicated that the first missiles they fire will turn Israel, London, Washington DC, New York, and Chicago into cinders.  Remember, Putin is ex-KGB and from the look on Obama’s face I would say he was visibly shaken.

This is madness and we the people seem to have no means to control it other than to promise the Zionist lapdogs running our government that if they do this the Russians are going to be the least of their worries.  This whole thing is about to get very interesting and we had all better be prepared for the worst.  Remember, Hillary Clintonista said “Absolutely” and Vladimir Putin is saying, “Absolutely not.”

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

11 thoughts on “International Game of Chicken being Played out at the G20 Summit in Mexico

  1. Although most people don’t remember the Cuban missile crisis this is begining to look like the same deal


  2. The 1% didn’t have all those underground bunkers built for nothing! These lunatics will stop at nothing until the world is destroyed. If they think they’re going to crawl out of their bunkers after a few days and find the Earth all pretty and radiation-free, they are even dumber than I thought.

  3. Let us sort this out with a “Trial by Combat”, an honourable tradition.
    The President of the USA fights to the death, the President of Russia.
    They can use any non-projectile weapon which they can carry, unaided, into the Arena.
    Both nations agree that the winner has the right to lay down the “Rules” of the Syrian solution, and the loser agrees to withdraw any support or aid to the opponents of the winner.
    The whole thing sorted in 5 mins, with the loss of only one life.
    (I bet even the Syrians would agree to this.)

    1. I like your idea, PJ. Since Obama wants to be the new sheriff in town (Town meaning the country of Syria), he should just have a showdown with Assad or Putin like the Western days. One bullet, one moment. No collateral damage and then we can go on to live our happy lives (that is, if the good guy wins). Sending other people to do your own showdown is just sheer cowardice on the part of the sheriff.

  4. There is a story about an arab moving house, he put all his possessions on the back of a camel including the last piece of straw.

    There comes a time when the entitled ones, the loves childs of Bilderburg ‘being politically correct on this point!’ finally overstep the boundaries of humanity in their lust for more power and all money. Hiliary is a proven zionist psycho deranged nut job on a fools errand but Putin is Putin he is ice cold and clinical.

    Henry is very correct, one picture of the ice man and the depraved desperate idiot sitting beside him who knows that he is about to be severely spanked by his Bilderberg masters is worth ten thousand priceless words. This is deadly serious for us all and will be the mistake that releases the genie from hell. The entitled will find out that they have chosen the wrong person to pick a fight with. America has few non zionist friends left and has gone out of its way to make billions of enemies. The worst of all situations for the imperialist agenda of the US, UK and Israel.

  5. The elitists are as thick as two short planks.
    What use is all the money if you have nothing and no one to spend it on.
    Rothschild and his buddies may have trillions of dollars, but when they have killed all the people off, what then?. Those trillions will be worth nothing in a land devoid of birds or air to breath or trees or animals or LIFE!.
    When the elite man has chopped down the last tree. Fished the last fish and killed the last deer. Only then will he shut down his money press.
    They would have no perishables left!!!
    I suppose they could eat all the politicians. Anyone who runs around like a headless chicken. Most probably tastes like one.

  6. …. This is not a game. We are talking about the death, not of millions this time around, but rather billions. ….

    I think this is about the Western elites being very successful abroad and not as successful at home, insisting to destroy one more country that strategically doesn’t matter too much to them, – why? Because that’s what they can, because it is a diversion, because it generates some degree of worry->paralysis even among the best kind of Americans such as you.

    They (the people behind the politicians) aren’t stupid, they do think long term. This is all speculation, but this may be their plan:

    “It seems to me that the US has a perfectly reasonable, if not democratic, economic program. The goal is (a) to drive wages to a point of convergence with those of Third World workers of comparable productivity, i.e., to drive wages sharply lower, and (b) to provide America’s corporate sector an opportunity to borrow at negative interest rates while acquiring control of much of the World’s resources and industrial capacity.

    These objectives will be achieved by allowing the depression to continue for a number of years yet during which wages and expectations generally can be ground down. ”

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