Internet Companies Want Permission to Reveal Details of NSA Spy Program

Hawaii Reporter – VOA News

Three big Internet companies want the Obama administration to let them reveal details of federal court orders to turn over information about their users to U.S. spy agencies.

Google, Facebook and Microsoft say they want everything transparent and out in the open. Google’s chief legal official said Tuesday his company has “nothing to hide.”  

Google says media reports that it gives the spy agencies unlimited access to information about its customers are not true. It says government orders to keep the details secret just add to rumors and speculation.

The National Security Agency has acknowledged leaked newspaper reports that its program called PRISM collects emails and other data from Internet companies.

A former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden, leaked the story about PRISM and NSA monitoring of telephone calls to The Guardian and Washington Post.

He said it is important to reveal what he says is the government’s massive surveillance program on private citizens.

The U.S. says information gathered by the NSA has foiled terrorist plots. The Justice Department is investigating possible criminal charges against Snowden, who fled to Hong Kong last month but whose exact whereabouts are not known.

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit in federal court challenging whether the NSA spy program is constitutional. The ACLU argues that the spying violates the rights to free speech and privacy. An ACLU attorney says the constitution does not let the government carry out unsuspicious surveillance of every person in the country.

2 thoughts on “Internet Companies Want Permission to Reveal Details of NSA Spy Program

  1. The US govt has seriously shot itself in the foot with its latest revelations that these warrantless spying shenanigans have “foiled” many terror plots…

    So what they are saying is they foiled plots by recording time and place of a phone call made? Or email sent and received?

    Obviously the recruitment of them clairvoyant’s helped immensely, perhaps a couple mediums and psychics too helped out divining all that information from a time and a place but hold on we forget, America is god’s chosen land so its obvious he has been helping out with visions as well, no doubt many a NSA worker has seen a name miraculously imprinted in their morning toast or looked up at the clouds and seen the revelation of some dastardly “mooslim” plot.

    We know they have been reading the emails and listening in on our phones and the EU is considering challenging the US once and for all for the removal of its control of the internet over this hence why they are fair crapping ’emselves for getting caught out, the EU can make life quite difficult for the US especially in face of an incoming equal trading treaty that could be threatened as friends don’t spy on friends.

  2. former Qwest CEO Joe Nacchio wouldn’t concede to ole Billy Gates. once Billy realized he got screwed he miraculously was able to turn that loss into a win in the exact amount he got screwed for by Joe…or so i heard.

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