Internet Control: Obama Blames Internet for ‘Domestic Terrorism’

obama-internet-terrorismStory Leak -by Anthony Gucciardi

In another verbal assault on net neutrality, Obama is now warning that both recent and future acts of terrorism stem from the accessibility of information on the internet.

In his speech yesterday, Obama said that information available online fuels ‘violent agendas’ through ‘hateful propaganda’ that drives terrorism. Warning that ‘internet materials’ are fueling domestic terror threats and actually causing people to go out and commit mass acts of terrorism, Obama is once again following in the footsteps of his fellow control freak associates in assaulting the openness of the internet that is now a hot spring for alternative news amid the frozen depths of the mainstream media.  

In the speech, Obama said:

“Today, a person can consume hateful propaganda, commit themselves to a violent agenda and learn how to kill without leaving their home.”

The simple reality is that the internet is the largest threat to corrupt government officials. It’s how we managed to break open the entire IRS scandal that has blown up in Obama’s face and led to calls for criminal action against top officials responsible for targeting Constitution-based groups with phony financial assaults. It’s also how we know about the truth surrounding Benghazi and what went down there. An event that has also generated serious awareness and even calls for impeachment.


So it should come as no surprise to find that Obama and others want the internet to be not only monitored by the government, but regulated as well. By using the ever-looming threat of domestic terrorism, it is simple to trace back extremists to certain internet sites that can be used as catalysts to enact legislation that endangers and annihilates internet freedom. Specifically, people like myself and others can be targeted in these crackdowns in order to give alternative news sources a bad name.

Obama’s latest speech is similar to his previous, in which he warns against those who question what he calls our ‘brave’ new government and warn of tyranny and corruption within it. The bottom line is that Obama is setting the stage here, as he has been for quite a while along with others, for an informational crusade against websites and blogs that dare to criticize government. Already labeled as ‘conspiracy’ and ‘extremist’ websites for even asking the simplest questions of government, the fight against net neutrality and alternative news sources is about to be taken to a whole new level.

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13 thoughts on “Internet Control: Obama Blames Internet for ‘Domestic Terrorism’

  1. This is an attack on the 1st.amendment. What does it matter what’s said by whom?. If you don’t act on it, it’s not a crime. Like it hasn’t been up to this point. So here we have another attempt to rewrite the bill of rights?.

  2. If Obama wants to see what is fueling all the hatred towards government all he has to do is look in the mirror and it will be staring at him. They hate the internet because it makes it harder for them to hide their treason!

  3. Mr Tyrant, you clearly have the brain of a pea. And your speechwriter, that of the pod. Please provide some example of “hateful propaganda” that has caused domestic terrorism. Holmes shot up a movie theatre indiscriminately , Lonza shot up a school indiscriminately, Tsarnevs blew up a crowd indiscriminately. If you are motivated by Cameron’s Muslims with a cleaver, or Hollande’s Muslims with a box knife, then perhaps as the claim was directed at military personnel. However, anyone with a brain larger than a pea can readily consider the evidence and see the lie. You banker masters are getting desperate. The whole monetary scam is imploding in an accelerating manner. We intend to install our government to its rightful place and it will follow the Bill of Rights and it will issue its own currency debt free. Fascist/Socialists (Commies) will be arrested, tried and punished.

    Fyi: Socialism = Corporate control of public works, Communism = Government contol of public works. Fascism = merger of corporate and government power. Since the bankers control our gov’t and corporations, either term is relevant.

    1. Sorry Sam, but Holmes was an MK Ultra patsy who most likely didn’t fire a single round in that theater, Lanza was very likely dead 3 years BEFORE Sandy Hoax even occurred (and many of us here believe NO ONE was even killed there, at least not the way they tell it), and the two Chechnen brothers had NOTHING to do with the Boston (fake) bombing, at which NO ONE was either killed OR even injured.

      1. NWO hatr…..Well said……….and the patsies go waaaaaaay back……..Oswald, Ruby, Columbine, all the school shootings, etc. Whatever the media reports, I know it’s all lies, and immediately start digging for the truth. They are a great “truth compass” though. I know what is being said is 0 truth, and then I start working up from there. Same with The Dictator. What’s his angle? (mind-control, power) What’s he REALLY trying to steal?? (our rights, freedom) What’s the lie REALLY for? ((all the agendas) And actually, it’s becoming so much easier to figure him out.

  4. Yep, knowledge and informed people are dangerous to ‘leaders’ who thrive on keeping us in the dark like mushrooms and feeding us s—.

  5. “Obama Blames Internet for ‘Domestic Terrorism”…..probably because most of the internet blames Obama for domestic terrorism.

    “…and actually causing people to go out and commit mass acts of terrorism”

    Where? In more than a decade, I still haven’t seen so much as a lousy pipe-bomb explode without the help of the FBI.

  6. The attack on the free flow of information is a terrorist attack itself. An attack on the constitutional rights at all,– is terrorism as would be defined by our fore fathers. I think what we did in Libya, Iran, Afghanistan and now Syria is terrorism too. Killing unarmed innocents is evil. Dont be fooled by the one sided Media into accepting that “ALL” Muslims are bad.

    1. Exactly…..the most dangerous terrorists are right here in the White House……and the wonderful internet is exposing them……that’s their REAL fear……

  7. Reminds me of the previous attorney criminal – I mean general (Gonzales I believe) when he stated that there “are more than 50,000 terrorist training web sites on the internet”.

    Of course their definition of “terrorists” = patriots, constitutionalists (especially those who support that 2nd amendment) , home schoolers, and anyone opposed to the principles of communism.

  8. The increasingly authoritarian attitude of incompetent politicians who are pushing for global government so they will be too far removed from the people to be held accountable and so will have power without responsibility is what drives terrorism.

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