Interview With Young Man Who Survived Florida School Shooting

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I feel it is very important to get this shocking interview by AMTV out to the public.  The AMTV host has been on the ground in Florida.  Chad Boukzam interviews his own cousin, Ashton Boukzam, who gives a firsthand account of his experience during the Florida High School shooting.

This very impressive young man knew Nikolas Cruz personally, and he said everyone knew he was capable of such a violent act.  Ashton was only a few feet away from the shooter, but he did not see his face.  However, he was told it was Nikolas Cruz.  

He said he was not surprised, and the whole school system knew that Cruz “was not right.”  Ashton went on to say Cruz was “on so much medication he was not himself.”

Cruz was not allowed to carry a backpack at school.  Police had visited Nikolas Cruz a number of times.

Cruz carried an AR-15, and it was rapid fire.

There had been a morning fire drill, and the drill was over when the shooting started.  Ashton heard gunshots outside his door.  No one moved, but when they heard it a second time, they jumped out of their chairs.

Ashton and 2/3 of the other students hid, but Ashton worried about his younger brother, who was also at school.  He said the screams will always be in his head.

Chad asked Ashton if there was only one shooter.  Ashton said he did not think there was more than one shooter, but it did not make sense that Cruz could move so fast from one location to another.

Ashton lost several of his friends, and he saw multiple injuries.  He said it was like a scene from a horror movie.

After watching this video, I am very moved.  I appreciate this AMTV firsthand interview with this young man.

Chad Boukzam is an impressive host, and his cousin, Ashton Boukzam, is a very impressive young man.

I thank them both for helping me to understand exactly what occurred on Valentines Day in that Florida High School.

My prayers are with all those students and their families.

Thank you again, AMTV.

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