3 thoughts on “Into The Wild, With Dane Wigington, September 10, 2020

  1. When will something be done to stop this absolute F-KING atrocity??THEY DO’NT WANT YOU TO SEE THIS HD #WEATHERWARFARE LIVE Hey JD if you see this why is the our “Real Army” or whoever not putting a stop to this?? Why is the UN/United Nations getting away with this SHIT??

    1. This is not our army, it is an unlawful United Nations corporate army that we are financing, and the reason this continues is because we the people have been sitting on our asses waiting for somebody else to do something about it.
      Our armed population is the largest armed force to ever exist on this planet. Maybe we have reached the point to where we just can’t think for ourselves. Maybe we are too lazy or too scared or too stupid like the Karens and Todds.
      Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow, especially if it is dangerous.
      Like ourselves now it will be our progeny that pay for our neglect right up until we have no progeny.
      That is why they are getting away with this shit.

  2. Should this not be on every major air-wave across the globe? I believe so. But, no, it remains on the underground, seen only by those who look deeper, who investigate, and who try to expose this tragedy that messes with our very continuance. I used to hate the fact that I’m as sensitive as I am, but now I see its necessity. How else would I hear the trees screaming and comprehend the threat endangering them? Adding to the tragedy is that the tyrants use this as an excuse to blame us, control us, when it is they who are killing our planet. She will come back, our Mother, and we will help her recover and come back, just as soon as we rid the world of evil. To be willing to fight evil is a most powerful aid in saving the environment, saving ourselves, saving what we love.


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