Inventor Jailed For Making This Video?

Before It’s News – by Mort Amsel

Paul was approached by members of the oil cartel that made him offers for his patent, each time he demanded a contractual provision that the invention would actually be used to help man and the planet – The potential buyers always refused –

One group took Paul to court and argued that Paul was insane, for anyone that would turn down the amount of money that he was offered was surely crazy –  

Paul Pantone was falsely placed in a mental institution where he was tortured in an attempt to get him to sign over all rights to his design.

This happens, i have no doubt.  The IRS afterall just admitted to targeting teap aprty groups but hey! They said sorry!. -Mort

12 thoughts on “Inventor Jailed For Making This Video?

  1. Henry, any chance you could get Paul Pantone on your show?
    I think that would be one heck of an interview.

  2. Water powered cars has been invented all over the world. From the US, Japan to the Philippines.

    Heck, a man was murdered for trying to promote his converter kit that turns ordinary gas guzzling cars into hydrogen powered cars.

    His name is Stan Myers. Not only was he murdered, they ransacked his garage and threaten his entire family not to speak of the invention.

    1. I remember reading about this invention in the 70’s As soon as it was made news, it was never heard about again. The continued lie is that the patent was bought out and or it’s a “urban myth!” I’m so sick of the cover ups, lies and deceit of the media, oligarchs whom are destroying our world. Planned obsolescence is part of the problem as well.

  3. In the 1990’s I had designed a magnetic engine that could replace a car engine and could be modular in that you could bolt packs of them together to make various combinations in straight line single, opposing, Y and X designations, I sent the design to a patent company in Ireland in the late 1990’s and they said it was amazing but they wanted a fortune to carry it on which I didn’t have and then a few years back I saw on the telly a bloke who had come up with virtually the same idea for energy creation.

    My idea was to make an engine be utilised retrospectively, so that it could be put into older cars, classic cars, could fit in the same footprint as a conventional petrol engine, I also tinkered with various specifications in putting the generator on the mains and big end bearings via brushes, air bearings, magnetic bearings as well as conventional oil fed pressure bearings.

    This GEET engine would be brilliant to put into two wheeled vehicles, I could see that fitting straight into a Lambretta or Vespa scooter and maybe he should have approached some of the Indian companies who would have used his idea instead of the big corporations who will sit on this idea until the oil runs out thus maximising their profits to the end, it was that reason why I never went forward more than anything else as much as the money because the Irish company said that two oil companies showed immediate interest in buying the patent and so it has remained in my head ever since and unlikely to ever see the light of day.

  4. I have known the Paul Pantone story for about a decade, and I am up in Canada. This man is absolutely real, honest, and wants all of us to benefit. It is about time that we all become totally radicalized, because the way things are coming down, there is little time left before lockdown.

  5. This invention could destroy the oil companies. Of course he belongs in jail. Or did you think jails were for criminals?

  6. My Fellow Americans:

    One of my jobs as VP Of Space Energy,.. was to evaluate “”Alternative Energy Systems” as individuals (or groups) were always looking for investment money to “refine the product”

    The above video (which I did watch) seems to be demonstrating what could only be described as little more than glorified distillation unit (One end was the Internal Combustion Engine (uses the fuel),.. the other the percolator (creates the Hydro-Carbon distillants), and in the middle is the feed tube/heat exchanger (transports/heats the fuel)).

    It may be more efficient (more work per unit of fuel input),… but it is NOT running on water,.. it is not a panacea of technology that will cause a global shift in energy use reduction,… it does appear to be more showmanship than anything else,… as I had seen all to much of this when people wanted “just a little money to finish the design work”.

    He never states what why he had it running “8 hours a day”,.. not did he state what the efficiency differential was, nor the octane equivalent as any internal combustion engine would be very senstive to.

    Looks like another Rube Goldberg Contraption to me.

    JD – US Marines – As be a little leary of these claims of “free energy”,.. or evolutions in technology that allow internal combustion engines to “run on water”.

    1. Bryan has a point, JD.

      Years ago I read about two guys who both invented a way to run cars on water, one in Colorado, and one in Australia. The guy in Australia was found dead beside the train tracks some time afterward. They said he was drunk and riding the rails. The only problem was that his best friend, who had known him all his life, said the man never touched liquor in his life – EVER.

      It’s been my experience that people aren’t murdered over alternative energy sources (ESPECIALLY when it has to do with Big Oil) that don’t work.

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