Investigating YouTube Exclusive – Dr. Judith Reisman

Published on Jul 28, 2017 by Investigating YouTube

In our first Investigating YouTube Exclusive, we present a testimonial from esteemed researcher on pornography and an expert witness on sexualized content in media: Dr. Judith Reisman.

4 thoughts on “Investigating YouTube Exclusive – Dr. Judith Reisman

  1. Ok, listening only to the audio, don’t want to corrupt my eyeballs with the video.

    This woman is wonderful for speaking out. Also, she appears to have a jewish flavored name, but it’s obvious she’s not of the evil ilk.

    Thanks for your service, Ma’am.

  2. well I certainly hope parents listen to her so they know not to have their kids view such trash……….(said with great sarcasm)

  3. Well, if moms can read “mommy porn” (aka “Fifty Shades of Grey”)… Next thing you know an EL James-type writer will write baby and toddler books using penis’s and vaginas (and, would believe, someone in the late 80s gave us a baby book about potty training with a penis in it…guess where the book was written? Israel! Who woulda thunk it?

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