Iowa Voters Thumbing their noses at Elitist Attempts to Dictate their Decisions

Four days until the Iowa Caucus and no effort is being spared by the mainstream propaganda machine in doing everything, including pleading with the Iowa voters to not vote for Ron Paul.

People, we must understand that there is a group of individuals in our country who believe they have established themselves as an elitist ruling class.  They live in another world under another set of laws, and if you think they do not look down with contempt on the rest of us, you are foolish to the extreme.

These elitists believe us to be inferior in intellect and individual thought.  They have taken our kindness for weakness and now, day by day, as the false reality they have created is falling apart, they are actually angry with us, thinking us arrogant because we are standing up and telling them “You are not going to tell us how to think and you are absolutely not going to tell us how to vote.”

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is in Iowa campaigning for his elitist brother, Mitt Romney, saying that he has come to Iowa to tell Iowans that they had better make the right decision.  In short saying that he, as an elitist, has determined what is right for the people of Iowa, and that is the election of Mitt Romney and a continuance of the status quo.

Iowans, take a long hard look at this man as he could be the poster child for neo-con elitist excess, gluttony, and greed.  Make no mistake, Christie would love to possess such power as to nullify the will and dispense with the 1st Amendment right of freedom of speech for we the people.  And within the realms of the elite, Christie is definitely one of the gang.

The propagandists are saying that Rick Santorum is rising in their fraudulent polls because he is appealing to Evangelical Christian Conservatives.  I do not know how that mouthful would lay out in a literal translation through definition.  However, I did see one of their so called spokespersons speaking on FOX News.  He is the fellow advocating for Michele Bachmann to back out of the race and join with Rick Santorum to assure the election of a president that will push the Evangelical Christian Conservative view.  It was indicated that the Evangelical Christian Conservatives are concerned about their power being diminished through a divide in their support.

Any time a group of citizens attempt to pool their rights in an effort to push a particular platform, they are indeed breaking away from the concept of individual freedom, liberty, and justice contained in our Bill of Rights.

You voters in Iowa calling yourselves Evangelical Christian Conservatives, ask yourself this question.  How much longer do you think Christianity can survive in the United States if we continue down the path of the status quo that a president Rick Santorum would guarantee absolutely?

The very fact that the leadership of this so called organization is speaking out in the mainstream in an effort to put the individual Evangelical Christian Conservative back into the herd so that its leadership can tell those individuals what is right and what is wrong and how to vote, tells me that this petty attempt to divide the Iowa voters through religion is failing.

In short, if we lose our Republic and our Constitution, our religious beliefs, or lack thereof, will become a moot issue as the international elite will be ruling us through a dictatorship that will not only dictate our religious beliefs, but our political ones also.

I know that these attempts to divide us are failing miserably and that Dr. Paul will win Iowa, the GOP nomination, and the presidency.  I just think the voters in Iowa and the nation should be looking at those individuals who believe themselves superior to the point that they become angry when we peons refuse to follow them blindly.

The propaganda attack on Dr. Ron Paul is becoming more sporadic every day and there is a reason for this.

About a year ago, the mainstream propagandists started putting out hit pieces on United States patriotic militia groups because militia men from around the country had moved into southern Arizona to defend the properties of the citizens there against armed insurgents coming up from Mexico, called Zetas.  The propagandists found out quick that the attack pieces were backfiring.  Every time a news agency would run one, their phone services would be overrun with citizens wanting to know how to contact the militias so they could join and form more militia groups.

Likewise every time Dr. Paul is being attacked the only thing that is accomplished is to bring more people to our cause.  Our people are awake and they know the propaganda machine is the frontline representation of our enemy.  So logically, anything they are against, we are for.

The people have come to the realization of our cold reality.  Our choice is simple.  We either allow the international corporate elitist insurgents to continue their occupation of our government and complete the destruction of our country, or we elect Dr. Ron Paul as our president and use our overwhelming numbers to destroy and dispel our enemies.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “Iowa Voters Thumbing their noses at Elitist Attempts to Dictate their Decisions

  1. Henry you are a good American who speaks from the heart. I really appreciate all that you have done. I am proud to stand with you as we take back Our Country. We cannot let individual beliefs separate us True Americans into smaller groups, Our rights to these beliefs should not be the concern, They are guaranteed under the Constitution! We must stand together and fight if necessary to accomplish our goal of restoring Our Country under the Constitution!! We are True Americans, We believe in Freedom, We strive for peace and prosperity for all, not just a few! Amen Brother and Happy New Year to all! Stay Strong!!

    1. Ken,
      You took the words right out of my mouth. I certainly couldn’t have said it better.
      Happy New Year Everyone! Be Strong. We WILL Make 2012 a Better Year, come Hell or High Water.

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