Iowans Vote for Farm Subsidies and War, Ron Paul Comes in Third

The mainstream propagandists are aglow this morning, thinking they have gotten over on the American people.  It is being reported that Dr. Paul came in third in the Iowa Caucus and that Mitt Romney got 3,796 more votes than Paul, and Rick Santorum came in second with 8 fewer votes than Romney.  Entry polls and exit polls showed Ron Paul with a commanding lead and in no way did the vote count jive with these polls, raising the question as to why.

What fraud was committed cannot yet be ascertained as the website Transparent Vote was overwhelmed and apparently it’s operators are working to get it back up at present.  I believe the vote was manipulated, to what extent like I said is yet to be ascertained.

We all should realize that Iowa is a farming state and hence a farming subsidy state.  These corporate welfare recipients know that when Ron Paul becomes president, the gravy train will be at an end.  As for the so called Evangelical Christian Conservatives who voted for Rick Santorum, if the God you worship feeds on war may your children be the first to die in Iran.

That was just a hateful out lashing at the stupidity.  The fact is the rest of the American people of the American race will vote Dr. Paul into office and your children will be saved, though they will be receiving no more subsidies from the sweat of our brows.

We will be going further into the Iowa vote and the road ahead on The Word From the Trenches at 12:00 noon Pacific, 3:00 pm Eastern on Ustream,, and Liberty Tree Radio on Live365.

If any Iowan voters are reading this article and you have evidence of voter fraud call into the broadcast at 712-432-0900 and then enter 957464#.  If you just want to talk about where we go from here, join in.

Another week and the Christmas shopping recovery is going to come to a screeching halt and all those who believed the sham of some kind of recovery are yet again going to receive a cold slap of reality.  We truly must punish those who have hurt our country in acting against our Constitution for their own self-interests.

The patriotic citizens of Iowa who came forth last night and voted for the restitution of the Republic are our brothers and sisters and we thank you for standing with us.  The rest of the Iowans who planted their lips on the arses of the status quo can go right strait to Somalia.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. The precinct I attended in Lansing,Iowa yesterday evening turned out 61 people,nine of who spoke in support of Paul,two for Gingrich and one for Romney.Although Allamakee county carried Paul,along with four other counties adjoining each other in the northeast corner,the tally was reported as 22 for Gingrich,21 for Paul with all others in single digits including 2 for Bachman,Iowa’s own from Waterloo and the Iowa straw poll winner who the msm promptly announced as a top tier candidate at the time.Paul carried the moderate and independent vote by a margin of 8-1 over the rest of the field while Santorum took the evangelical vote and Romney scored with the corporate welfare millionaire farmers.All in all an excellent showing for Paul since Santorum won’t maintain and the Romney campaign is reeling at the prospect of the huge number of independent voters in New Hampshire.Although I am disappointed there is much more reason for optimism than despair.

    1. Carl,
      Agreed. But the fact is Ron Paul is going to have to win with a landslide if we are to nullify the duplicity with the vote fraud. This being said, we have to become aggressive and in the face and let the stupid out there know that we are no longer going to tolerate them. They get behind the Republic and the Constitution or we call them enemy and make it a part of our plans to deport their stupid asses.
      By the way, thanks for the report. 🙂

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