Iran Has Hezbollah Sleeper Cells in the U.S. Ready to Strike

NewsWars – by Paul Joseph Watson

The threat posed by Iran-backed Hezbollah sleeper cells embedded in major American cities has once again come to the fore following the killing of Iran’s Quds Force General Qasem Soleimani.

Following last night’s assassination of the Iranian military leader, authorities in both New York and Los Angeles announced that they were ramping up security in readiness for possible revenge attacks on U.S. soil. 

This is because Iran is known to have placed Hezbollah terrorist sleeper cells throughout not just Europe but the United States too.

Last year, the the criminal prosecution and conviction in New York of the Hezbollah operative Ali Kourani revealed that the terror outfit has already plotted to attack U.S. interests inside the country and is ready to activate if it considers the existence of either Hezbollah or Iran to be at stake.

Following the arrest of Kourani and another Hezbollah operative named Samer el-Debek, the U.S. intelligence community reversed its belief that Hezbollah was unlikely to attempt attacks within the U.S.

“It’s our assessment that Hezbollah is determined to give itself a potential homeland option as a critical component of its terrorism playbook,” said National Counterterrorism Center Director Nicholas Rasmussen.

“We in the intelligence community do in fact see continued activity on behalf of Hezbollah here inside the homeland,” he added.

Hezbollah has never directly attacked the U.S. homeland, but Kourani, working for the Hezbollah-controlled Islamic Jihad Organization, was confirmed to have been conducting surveillance of FBI and U.S. Secret Service offices, as well as a U.S. Army armory and John F. Kennedy International Airport, all in New York City.

“While living in the United States, Kourani served as an operative of Hezbollah in order to help the foreign terrorist organization prepare for potential future attacks against the United States,” said U.S. Assistant Attorney General for National Security John Demers.

In casing both JFK and Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, “Kourani told the FBI that he provided Hezbollah with details about security procedures, the uniforms worn by security officers, and whether the officers were armed. His surveillance, Kourani told the FBI, focused on exit points, security checkpoints, camera locations, baggage claim procedures, and what questions airport screeners asked passengers,” reported

With the world now waiting for Iran’s response to Soleimani’s killing, we can only hope that it doesn’t come in the form of a massive Hezbollah-backed terror attack targeting a major American city.



5 thoughts on “Iran Has Hezbollah Sleeper Cells in the U.S. Ready to Strike

  1. What a crock of sh!t. Paul Joseph Watson, I don’t think I need to tell anyone here is an ultra Zionist shill. Hezbollah is NOT a terrorist organization and does not take its orders from Iran. They are allies of Iran. Just as the Zionist allies support each other and go to war for Israel and place thousands of troops, mercenaries, proxy armies and black ops murderers in other lands, so too will the chickens come home to roost. Are you sick of “winning” yet trumpettes? Awww, now you’re scared of being a victim of Israel’s war because they scare you into thinking it might hit home where you’ve been so comfortable watching others being killed, starved and displaced?

  2. Teacher: “Ok, class, who can spell ‘sleeper cell?'”

    Bobby raises his hand. “m-o-s-s-a-d?”

    “Very good, Bobby!” exclaimed Mrs. Shekelstein.

  3. You can see the narrative, as they go after American guns and we actually get this rebellion going, they are going to be having their “Arab-Middle Eastern, ISIS BS proxy’s” attacking themselves here in the US.

    Then as “The Militia et al” are also fighting the “Government and it’s enforcers” we are all now terrorist of one decry or another, very crafty, but it ain’t gonna work.

    No scenario will every play out, they can pop nukes off and biological’s what have you, as long as any of us live, the seed will grow and tyranny will die… one at a time if need be.

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