Iran Holds Drill Near Strait Of Hormuz, Tests Armed Drones

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WEB Notes: I found this one reported by JPost first, but I wanted to find another source, so I found an Arabic version of the story which is even better…

I will give Iran one thing, they have a lot of pride in their nation and that is great, but let me tell you, these folks are backwards by about 75 years.

The article shows a picture of one of their drones they launched, (we took the libery of producing the side by side). It looks like they took an ol ladder and put some wheels on it to launch the drone powered by a firecracker.

I mean this thing is crude!

I see no bombs on it by the way.

The article states, Iran captured a U.S. RQ-170 drone and reverse engineered it. They did capture one, but if their drone is a reverse-engineered model of an RQ-170, then I am a monkey’s uncle.

RQ-170 and Iranian Reverse Engineered DroneIran’s semi-official ISNA news agency says the country’s Revolutionary Guard Corps is holding a drill near the strategic Strait of Hormuz to test dozens of Iranian-made drones, including armed drones.

Thursday’s report says it’s the first time such a high number of offensive drones are being used in a drill. It quotes Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh of the Guard’s aerospace division as saying Iran has the region’s biggest offensive drone fleet.

Source: Iran holds drill near Strait of Hormuz, tests armed drones, says report

World Events and the Bible

One thought on “Iran Holds Drill Near Strait Of Hormuz, Tests Armed Drones

  1. I wish Iran et al. would quit doing drills and get to the business of turning israel into a giant sheet of glass!!!
    Unfortunately, I don’t believe a single word that Iran is making threats to anyone. They are VERY smart and educated people as a whole….much more so than Americans. It’s simply more US propaganda that they’re a bully threatening israhell …building an excuse for yet another invasion and regime change. Search: Iran 1953.

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