'Iran is already a nuclear power'

The US and Britain are warning Israel not to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities… saying new sanctions need time to work. Tehran, currently being visited by UN inspectors, denies accusations it’s developing atomic weapons. But Israel — which also accuses Tehran of attacking its diplomats abroad — could now be on an unstoppable path to a military strike. RT talks to Sadegh Zibakalam, professor of political science at the University of Tehran

0 thoughts on “'Iran is already a nuclear power'

  1. Israel wants to control the region and the Zionist banksters want to install a puppet leader and a central bank. I hope Iran can somehow stop this BS and the US stays out of this. Iran only wants peace and soverignty. Israel only wants war and power and Netanyahoo said Israel can take care of themselves so let them handle it. We don’t need another war and another country to occupy.

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