1. Other than the fact that he believes in the Holohoax, this Irishman just opened a whoop ass on the Jews. Aye, to be sure! I sure hope he’s got his four leaf clover and a lot of good luck with him because the Jews won’t like him after that.

    Actually here’s the Ambassador of Israel’s response.


    (Skip to the 6:13 mark)

    Apparently everything the Irishman said was nothing more than a bunch of “cliches” to them.

    Notice his smiling bitch deputy who I just want to slap the shit out of.

    Needless to say, their response is nothing more than your typical Jewish manipulative word games. As always.

    By the way, this video was from September 3, 2014. So apparently the Zionists still haven’t learned their lesson and never will.

    1. I haven’t watched the video you set there, NC.
      After watching the Irish man, and wanting to say something I couldn’t grab.
      Thank you for coining almost perfectly my feelings.
      Couldn’t ever have said it better! Especially the fuzzy headed Bink!
      And now I believe I’ll check out your link.
      (Nodding in agreement)

  2. I stopped listening once the Irish wimp brought up his antisemitism disclaimer and support of the holohoax

    1. Yea that part was a total disappointment for me, too. There’s always someone out there who puts out half truths. They always give you something sweet and then throw a little bit of that salty bitterness on the side.

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