Iron Dome Project: Israeli Government Humiliates U.S. Military by Keeping “Key Codes” Secret

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INTELCASTER – In 2019 the U.S. Army signed a deal with the Israeli government to acquire several Iron Dome components to “provide US forces an interim cruise missile defense capability”, including multiple missile batteries, Times of Israel writes.

But the Israeli government NEVER shares its military and intelligence secrets with its “closest ally”. So, also the Iron Dome source code that the Army requested, to integrate the Iron Dome components, remains secret.

One reason for this is that the source code may have been developed and written by using information and data that was stolen from and in the U.S. by Israeli spies and hackers. Giving access to the code may, therefore, enable U.S. personnel and officials to figure out that the Iron Dome source code is based on American research and experimental source codes.

“The Israeli Missile Defense Organization and the Army last August inked a deal for two Iron Dome batteries. Soon thereafter, according to sources, Army officials repeatedly requested Iron Dome “source code” — proprietary information detailing how the system works.

Israel supplied engineering information but ultimately declined to provide the source code the Army said it needed to integrate Iron Dome components with US systems.”

For decades the Israeli government has been spying on the U.S. Even long before 9/11 happened. By not providing access to the source code of their crown jewel they humiliate the U.S. military, for the whole world to see.

Everybody knows now that it is a one-way relationship between the U.S. and the Israeli government. There’s no sharing, only taking.

“Gen. Mike Murray, head of Army Futures Command, said the service identified a number of problems — including cyber vulnerabilities and operational challenges — during efforts last year to integrate elements of Iron Dome with the US Army’s Integrated Battle Command System.”

“Cyber vulnerabilities and operational challenges” means this. Without having the source code the U.S. Army would have to except that the Israeli government has remote (backdoor) access to the U.S. its Iron Dome components. Other than that there’s no reason why both militaries wouldn’t be able to integrate their systems.

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