2 thoughts on “Irony bro Nick Fuentes reacts to Ben Shapiro and the cookie question!

  1. Here’s another “joke”–The Talmud (Satan’s Joke on Jews) claims that “in the end times” when “Ha Mossiach” comes to sit in the Third Temple in Jerusalem every Jew will have 2,800 gentile slaves. There are roughly 20,000,000 Jews on Earth these days (more or less). So that 20 million Jews will each have 2800 gentile slaves. Thus, doing the math, there would have to be 56 BILLION gentile “slaves” on Earth at the time! There are only about 8 billion (more or less, not counting the 20 million Jews) gentiles on earth now. So, let’s divide 8 billion by 2800 (number of gentile slaves per Jew) and you get roughly 3 million Jews. That means, Benny boy, Earth would have to reduce their Jewish population by 85 percent! Only 15 percent of today’s Jews would be able to survive so that each Jew would have 2800 gentile slaves. Because, Shapiro you idiot (who probably learned math from some Talmudic rabbi who couldn’t do math to save his life…try winning a math argument with God!), there is no way 56 Billion people will ever exist on the Earth as we know it…unless you yourselves reduce the number of Jews by 17 million. Talk about Holocaust!–

    signed, a former HS math teacher

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