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IRS’s acknowledgement that we earned NO public sector “wages” nor “income.”

Just wanted to share the evidence with others here at the Trenches of the IRS’s acknowledgement that we earned NO public sector “wages” nor “income.” That our pay for work is in NO way taxable.

Once you go to the link scroll down a bit till you come to the Wizard of Oz meme with Dorothy. From there you will see other peoples Treasury Dept. Checks, ours is the last one in the line up under Matt and Katie.  

If you click the “here is the filing” link, you’ll see two 4852 Substitute for W-2 forms with federal, SS & medicare so called “income” tax amounts. Add up the federal “income” tax amounts and you’ll see that it amounts to the amount on the Treasury Dept. check, minus some cents due to their rounding down of numbers.

The IRS is desperately trying to cling to our SS & medicare monies, thinking that having acknowledged NO tax liability and returned ALL federal monies will make us go away and let matters stand. Of course we are going nowhere.

We also got a letter from them saying if you don’t agree to the changes, and those changes are the attempt at bamboozling us into believing that SS & medicare are something other than “income” taxes, call or write them.

Also, on the 1040 form you’ll see in lines 2 & 4 an amount which is the interest amount they paid to us in 2016 for having gone over their time limit to return our monies. This interest amount was declared as “income” as it should be. By the way, EVERY penny of fed., SS & medicare was returned to us for 2016.

Just a note here, we do NOT send in the W-2 with our 1040 because it is NOT accurate.

Anyway, here is the link http://losthorizons.com/N/6.htm#Victories

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2 Responses to IRS’s acknowledgement that we earned NO public sector “wages” nor “income.”

  1. charles walker says:

    wow $2529.00 back good job Katie! thanks for sharing.

    • Katie says:

      Thanks Charles. I hope that folks that are still working and having money deducted from their pay as “income” taxes will take some courage from our evidence and file their returns correctly. Some may look at this as a paper trail fight, not worth it, etc.. By no means is it either. For nearly 80 years the American people have been under the well crafted idea that paying “income” taxes on private sector, non privileged pay for work is the norm and that it’s actually the way it’s supposed to be. I personally have little confidence in folks standing up to defend any part of their life or property and this is based on the flat out responses I’ve gotten from people even after showing the evidence of our own personal evidence. They view it as some fluke, we just fell through the cracks of the IRS, or that they just don’t want the headache of educating themselves. They’d rather allow the IRS to declare their money as “income” tax, keep back a portion, and give a portion back to the filer. Each to his own is all I’ll say.

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