Is Amerika an Apartheid State? “And by thy Friends Shall ye be Known”

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“He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.”

We did not have any enemies in the Middle East until we made friends with Israel.”

You are the company you keep. This well-known saying is a short and weak version of Solomon’s true warning.   

Though you may be wise, foolish friends will eventually destroy you. Though you may be foolish, wise friends will show and teach you success.

Get rid of foolish friends, and choose the wise for friends. You will grow in wisdom and avoid a lot of trouble in your life.

Does a good athlete compete only against whom he can win? Or does he face superior competition to bring out the best, even if it means frequent training losses?

Giving up your friends is hard – recovering alcoholics know this best. You may believe the lie you can resist foolish friends. Or you may find your best friends are fools. Or your foolish friends may be popular, costing you status with peers. Or you may naively think you can help foolish friends.

How did Lot, Abraham’s nephew, end up in a cave with nothing but his two daughters pregnant by his incest? How? He moved toward Sodom and made friends in that wicked city (Gen 13:12). What a disaster for him, his wife, and five daughters.

The best parents monitor their children’s every new friend because stupid friends can make smart kids make stupid decisions.

Who is making our decisions for us in the Middle East? Who on earth do we GIVE three billion dollars a year to? Without tranche?

One thought on “Is Amerika an Apartheid State? “And by thy Friends Shall ye be Known”

  1. My mom was notorious for all these cliches. She used to tell me I would be judged by the company I keep … or “birds of a feather flock together”. Guess that’s why I was drawn to Aesop’s Fables when I was a kid.

    . . .

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