Is Anyone Actually Paying Attention to the ‘Vaccine’ Narrative?

Covid19 Response Platform

It is an established fact that vaccines for influenza and coronavirus diseases are based on the previous season’s outbreaks. That’s why such vaccines are only effective in 50% of the cases, on average, and that is why the U.S. CDC has stated that “the overall estimated effectiveness of the 2017–18 seasonal influenza vaccine for preventing medically attended, laboratory-confirmed influenza virus infection was 36%.” 

This is also why the recent statements by Belgian virologist and government advisor Marc Van Ranst, about the lockdown in Belgium, are absurd at best.

Van Ranst has said, in an interview reported by the Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad, that only a vaccine will eventually end the lockdowns. The vaccine that also Bill Gates is currently promoting.

But, here’s the kicker:

Van Ranst: This epidemic will pass but then we will certainly see a next wave. And that one we will also have to survive without a vaccine.

Do people understand what he is actually saying?

He’s saying that the vaccine that will be ready in 12 to 18 months from now will pretty much be useless. Just like what the U.S. CDC had concluded about the influenza vaccines.

This is exactly why the COVID19 Response Platform is trying to make people around the world aware of the fact that the lockdowns are not about buying time for the vaccines. The vaccines will be useless. The U.S. CDC and Van Ranst basically admit that.

So, when you ever hear any government official or vaccine manufacturer say that the COVID-19 vaccine will “protect the world“, know that they either are deliberately lying to you or that they simply are misinformed.

Covid19 Response Platform


3 thoughts on “Is Anyone Actually Paying Attention to the ‘Vaccine’ Narrative?

  1. I wonder if this can be verified today (since this sorta thing happened in earlier times…remember the “vaccine” that sterilized many black folks in the south in the 1930s): are vaccines created by tier, that is, do old folks and poor folks (that is, “useless eaters”) get more harmful versions of vaccines to end their lives quicker while wealthy folks and more “useful” folks get less harmful vaccines? Do vaccine makers create vaccines with more mercury etc. for “lesser” folks and “better” vaccines for “better” folks? Just my opinion, but I think this might be the case. I’d love to know the truth of it.

    1. This damn thing isn’t even a virus by definition, it’s something else, man made obviously. These tyranny tyrants have scared the world with some mickey mouse off shoot of something that resembles flu, but actually isn’t.
      soap and water will kill it, and a good daily dose of vitamin C.

      All this shit is supposed to do is scare you, that’s it. Will they take it up a notch, probably, but they will be just killing themselves in the process.

  2. If your not scare yet just wait till they give us stage 2 then stage 3 . Mark what are you seeing out there on the roads is there a lot of cars , be safe

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