Is anyone else experiencing these problems?

Email from Captain Obvious:

FYI, I keep getting kicked off of your site. 10+ times in 5 minutes.

I hope this is a technical problem and not a purposeful attack.

20 thoughts on “Is anyone else experiencing these problems?

  1. Henry your server was down so used your Yahoo.

    Henry and Others , Talked to a ham radio operator who is SW of Dallas Texas and his Internet is totally down among others We talked to on HF Radio. Seems servers and total Internet ISP Outages

  2. working pretty smooth this a.m. However yesterday was really choppy. for several days I was unable to play you tube stuff on Mozilla. had to copy and paste on IE in order to get it to work. Today Mozilla is working fine with you tube.

  3. All is fine here as well. Sometimes I get pop up advertisement, and on occasion the pop up has Hillary the Hut (which is pretty damn disgusting!). Besides averting my eyes on occasion to guard against becoming a pillar of salt, all good here.

  4. Alright, what did you do CO? J/K

    All is fine here. Try clearing out your cashe (without obstructing justice). And restart your browser, if you haven’t already done so. What browser are you running?

  5. On this stupid mobile device if i go to the site i get attacked and i get warnings that i have child porn on my harddrive but if i just pay $20 it will be all better the ad claims. On the mobile version of the site i can get to about page 4 before i get redirected to a blank page at random. Nornaly 10 seconds after page loads. It is definatly JAVA AND JAVASCRIPT that do it. Workes much better with that dangerously hackable program turned off but then no video..

    Turn off java unless you are using. A good program for a pc is

    This will require you to authorize EVERY script which is a lit but it will destroy your problem. As you allow more scripts to work and the problem comes back you can globally restrict it.

    If you are not using adblock plus and ghostery your computer is a a timebomb waiting for someone to spot you. Control the flow of data or they will.

  6. Have had a problem with comments taking a very long time to post , or the site taking a long time to come up on a few occasions, but nothing consistent or lasting.

  7. Everybody! Switch to a Linux based operation system like Ubuntu or Debian. I dumped Widows years ago and got rid of all the crap that’s associated with using a Microsoft operating system, and even without the need for a virus protection program, and to top it all the programs are “open source”, meaning that they are for free!

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