Is California Governor Newsom Leading the Communist Takeover of America? Walmart is now Apparently a Communist China Store in the U.S.

Health Impact News – by Brian Shilhavy

A strange thing happened to me here in 2020. I went to bed one night in my home country, the United States of America, known for its Constitution and protection of individual liberties, and the next day I woke up in a place I no longer recognized, for it had become a totalitarian communist regime. 

Two days ago, I decided to stop in a Walmart for a brief minute to pick up something I was not able to order online quick enough. I had checked to see if this Walmart near me had it in stock. I seldom shop at Walmart, so this was a rare visit to the mega-chain franchise, and I was planning on just getting what I needed and head on my way.

An older woman wearing a mask was at the entrance, and mumbled something about wearing a mask as I walked in, but I was in a hurry and so I just ignored her.

I found someone stocking a shelf and asked him where the item was that I wanted to purchase. He said he would take me there, and proceeded to show me the way to the aisle where it was located. As we were walking to the aisle, he looked back at me and asked: “You’re not wearing a mask?” (I obviously was not.)

“No, ” I said, “I don’t wear them for medical reasons.”

He showed me the aisle then left. Before I could even read the box and labels on the item I wanted to purchase, a husky young woman wearing a kind of security uniform with a two-way radio came up to me and said in a very loud and serious tone: “Sir, if you’re not going to wear a mask, you need to leave the store NOW!”

I was somewhat taken aback by this confrontation, as I had never wore a mask during the entire COVID Plandemic, and nobody had ever bothered me about it previously, at least not in any stores where I was shopping (only an outdoor Farmer’s Market gave me problems one time).

So I decided to call her bluff, and told her I had medical reasons for not wearing a mask, and that I was just purchasing one item and then I would be leaving.

She got on her radio and stated: “He’s refusing to leave. I need back up.”

Now my blood pressure kicked up a notch, as I was clearly being seen as a criminal, and a threat.

In less than a minute, a tall man named “Allen” with a badge that said “Assistant Manager” came into the aisle and told me I had to leave immediately. I pulled out my phone and began recording everything, and was told I was “not allowed” to record in the store. I kept recording anyway because I was being threatened and wanted a record of what actually was transpiring.

I tried reasoning with him and telling him I was doing nothing illegal, and that he had no legal authority to prevent me from shopping there. He would have none of that and said:

“You should have seen the sign when you came in that face masks are required to shop here. We are under orders to prevent anyone not wearing a face mask from entering our store, so you need to leave immediately.”

“Who’s orders?” I asked.

He replied “The County.”

“The county has no authority to make laws,” I replied. “And even if they did,” I continued, “there are always exceptions, especially for medical reasons.”

He claimed that he was not given any exceptions, and that he was just following orders.

By now I was getting agitated a bit, as I always do when someone uses the excuse “I am just following orders,” and I used a pejorative term, not at him or the security lady, but in referencing the fact that this was the same excuse used by the *!#%$ Nazis in Germany during WWII.

The security lady got on her radio again and said, “He’s cursing now. We need back up.”

The Assistant Manager then scolded me and said: “You need to leave immediately. You are being very disrespectful towards me, and you need to go.”

“I’m being disrespectful to YOU?” I asked incredulously. “You’re being disrespectful to ME,” I replied, “because you are trying to force me to do something medically inappropriate as a condition to shop here.”

“Sir,” he replied, “you are disturbing the other customers by using profanity. And so for that reason you have to leave.”

The aisle we had been in when that word slipped from my tongue had no other shoppers in that aisle at the time.

I asked him, “So can you please show me your store policy, or maybe provide a link online, where it states customers who swear in your store have to leave immediately?”

“You are being disrespectful to a team member of Walmart,” he said, changing the reason yet again, “and therefore store policy allows me to ask you to leave immediately.”

By now I was already walking towards the door seeing that this was way more of a big deal to them than was worth my time in dealing with. Honestly, if I had had a face mask on me, I would have just put it on to avoid the trouble. But I don’t carry one around with me as I never wear them, and they did not offer me one.

By now two other very husky men had shown up that looked like undercover bouncers who work at a nightclub or bar, and stood nearby staring at me with piercing eyes.

I again reminded the store manager that he was breaking several laws by asking me to leave because I chose not to participate in a forced medical procedure that could damage my health, and that he himself had no legal basis for discriminating against me and preventing me from shopping there.

His reply was that the County was threatening them with fines if they did not comply with the mask order. I told him that Walmart should then sue the county if they did fine them, because such fines are illegal.

Before I walked out of the store I said to him:

“Just remember this day Allen. The day that you asked a law abiding citizen with no past criminal record to leave your store due to an illegal decree. What if they decree something else, like refusing to allow a person of color, like a black person, from shopping at your store? Would you obey that decree too? Is your job worth violating the civil rights of others?”

The young woman security guard made a kind of disgusting noise behind her mask as she shook her head in disgust at me, and I honestly thought she was going to attack me with the two thugs behind her ready to back her up.

I guess she was too young to understand the history of the REAL Civil Rights movement in this country, and that for many years that is EXACTLY what happened in this country, that people were prevented from shopping in places simply because of the color of their skin.

I told the manager to have a good day, and walked out of the store – forever. I will never buy another thing from Walmart, as long as I live. The cost of liberty is too precious to me. Somehow all those Chinese products sitting on the shelves of Walmart have apparently also imported China-style totalitarianism and communist tactics to make people comply to their orders.

When I got back to my car I was actually shaking. I had never before in my life been treated like a criminal in public, and it was a very degrading and humiliating experience.

I am writing this on July 4th, 2020. I don’t know about you, but this is worst July 4th in my lifetime, with Americans losing their liberties very quickly in what is obviously becoming a well orchestrated attack on our country from coast to coast.

As I write this today, Americans in New York are being subpoenaed and threatened with a $2000.00 a day fine if they fail to report to the authorities for contact tracing, simply because they attended an “unapproved party.” (Source.)

In California, Governor Newsom has mandated that everyone must wear face masks in public, he has closed down many businesses again, he closed the beaches again for the July 4th weekend, and he told churches they can no longer sing during their services.

All of these measures are happening right in the middle of summer when children and families should be outdoors and enjoying the summer. Deaths attributed to COVID are way down, but because they keep using these faulty tests to test more people than ever, the excuse now is that the virus is “spreading” just simply based on more positive test results.

So obviously, something else is going on here, and we better wake up and start preparing for even worse times ahead.

An article I received in my newsfeed this week made some rather startling accusations against Governor Newsom and California, and so I am going to concentrate the rest of this article on California, and their governor.

But trust me, what is happening in California affects the entire nation right now.

Who is Governor Gavin Newsom?

While researching how California Governor Gavin Newsom became the Governor of the most populous state in the U.S., it is obvious that he was not “elected” based on merit, but apparently due to his powerful connections.

Gavin Newsom: His Education – Trying to Overcome Dyslexia and Low IQ

According to The Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity:

Gavin Newsom was diagnosed with dyslexia at age five, but his mother didn’t tell him, for fear he would use his disability as a crutch. So while he labored to read, spell, and work with numbers, his little sister sailed through school effortlessly. “As an older brother,” he says, “that was more difficult than you can imagine. I was always wondering why she would get done with her homework quickly and I was still struggling to work through it, and why my parents were so demanding with me and so easy on her as it related to academics.”

When Newsom was in fifth grade, he discovered in his mother’s office a stash of papers reporting on his dismal academic performance and describing something called dyslexia. “That really hit home, and it explained why everyone else was running into their parents’ arms after school and I was stuck in that shack behind the school every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with four or five other students.”

Of all the learning difficulties he endured, Newsom says that reading aloud was “the most humiliating.” He can still recall his fifth-grade classroom and the row he sat in, “with my heart just sinking and pounding, hoping that that period would end and we’d get the hell out of there, and then getting up and starting to read and having everybody in the class laugh. That’s when I basically gave up on any reading. I did book reports by literally reading the back of the book and just copying the text, thinking the teacher would never find out.”

High school was even worse. “The grades were bad, my self-esteem started to collapse, and I remember faking being sick all the time to avoid math class, which I just couldn’t handle.” But because he was expected to attend college, Newsom began to take summer classes to catch up, knowing that he would never get into “a serious university. I took the SAT and it was a complete disaster, and they didn’t even argue for me to take it again, because it was just beyond stressful. And I’ll be honest: had it not been for my mother and some remedial training, I never would have gotten into college.” Thanks to those and his outstanding abilities in baseball, Newsom began to receive scholarship offers from a number of colleges and attended Santa Clara University in California on a partial baseball scholarship.

Newsom was trained in the “tradition of the Jesuits” while at Santa Clara, and spent one semester in Rome. From an interview with The Santa Clara:

This is Santa Clara. It taught me how to learn. And you’re talking to a guy with massive dyslexia, that only got into Santa Clara because of baseball, that got student loans and that was given a waiver to graduate because I couldn’t pass a class — three times — that I took at College of Marin…

Santa Clara stands out, providing more of a Socratic method, so to speak, of education. And that’s the Jesuit tradition, of course.

I think that the greatest memories I had — and it’s rather perverse — were my semester abroad in Rome. I can’t impress upon people more the extraordinary opportunity of doing a semester abroad. I cannot underscore how great that was. It’s going to be a requirement when I have kids. They have to do a semester abroad. (Source.)

Gavin Newsom’s Wine Business – Powerful Friends

Gavin Newsom with former chairman of the California Democratic Party, John Burton. John Burton and Billionaire Gordon Getty provided the funding Newsom needed to start his wine business after college. Image Source.

Despite his apparent lack of academic excellence, after Newsom graduated from college, his family friends, billionaire Gordon Getty and Democratic leader John Burton, helped fund a new wine business, PlumpJack.

From This millionaire might be California’s next governor. How Gavin Newsom got connected, by Christopher Cadelago of the Sacramento Bee on July 31, 2018:

Up a narrow staircase above his wine shop, Gavin Newsom glides across the cramped office before making his way to its showpiece.

Off to the side sits a mop sink that city inspectors made him install even though he argued the floors were carpeted.

“I fought this, and lost,” said Newsom, the state lieutenant governor and frontrunner to succeed Gov. Jerry Brown next year. The 49-year-old Democrat raises one arm and grins, defiantly. “When you fight bureaucracy, make sure you have money and patience – and I didn’t have either.”

What Newsom lacked in poise and prosperity at the time he made up for in hustle and capitalizing on connections.

Newsom opened the wine shop in 1992 with the financial backing of family friend and oil fortune heir Gordon Getty. Newsom’s father, a classmate and close adviser of Getty, urged another prominent friend, John Burton, to recommend then-Mayor Willie Brown to appoint him to a vacant seat on the Board of Supervisors.

A fourth-generation San Franciscan who grew up around politics, Newsom said he still envisioned the life of an entrepreneur. But at just 29, the allure of citywide issues slowly began to win out.

As mayor, Newsom became nationally recognized for ordering the distribution of marriage licenses to same-sex couples. And the shop with the mop sink upstairs, PlumpJack Wines, grew into a line of successful restaurants, hotels and wineries managed by Newsom’s sister, Hilary.

Yet the early hand he received in politics and business continues to form the basis of criticism against him. Newsom’s opponents in the mayor’s race painted him as privileged and out of touch. In the gubernatorial contest, former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Treasurer John Chiang, both Democrats, are beginning to do the same.

Villaraigosa dismisses Newsom as a “Davos Democrat,” after the town in the Swiss Alps that hosts a grand summit of world politicians, business leaders and celebrities and other elites. Chiang took a backhanded swipe by noting that he wasn’t born into a family with “wealth or big connections …”

In the interview above the wine shop, Newsom conceded he wouldn’t be in politics without Burton and Brown. (Source.)

Last week, when Newsom announced the re-closing of some businesses in certain counties due to a “spike” in COVID cases, it included several of his competitor wineries, while his was excluded, and he even tweeted about how his winery would be open during July 4th.

The criticism that followed prompted PlumpJack Winery to change their plans and close as well.

One has to also wonder if Governor Newsom’s relationship to the powerful Getty family who made their fortune in oil has affected his policies towards the oil industry in California, which is more similar to a Capitalist Republican than it is to a Progressive Democrat that Newsom claims to be.

From an article by Steve Horn on June 19, 2020 at Global Research titled California Governor Hands Out Fracking Permits on Behalf of Big Oil:
While California was convulsed by COVID-19 and George Floyd’s death, the governor gave Big Oil a big gift:

On June 1, in the midst of the turmoil created by the coronavirus pandemic and the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s administration quietly issued 12 fracking permits to Aera Energy, a joint venture owned by ExxonMobil and Shell.

Oil drilling in California has faced criticism for its disproportionately negative health impacts on Latino communities and other people of color. The 12 new permits will be for fracking in the Lost Hills Oil Field. The Kern County town of Lost Hills is more than 97 percent Latino, according to 2010 U.S. Census data.

The fracking permits are the latest example of California’s oil industry benefiting from regulatory or deregulatory action during the COVID-19 pandemic and came just months after the Newsom administration said it supported taking actions to “manage the decline of oil production and consumption in the state.” Aera, which also received 24 permits from the California Geologic Energy Management Division (CalGEM) on April 3 during the early days of COVID-19, has well-connected lobbyists in its corner who work for the firm Axiom Advisors.

One of them, Jason Kinney, headed up Newsom’s 2018 transition team and formerly served as a senior advisor to Newsom while he was lieutenant governor. He is also a senior advisor to California’s Senate Democrats. The other, Kevin Schmidt, previously served as policy director for Newsom when the latter was lieutenant governor. Aera paid Axiom $110,000 for its lobbying work in 2019 and, so far in 2020, has paid $30,000, lobbying reports reveal. (Full Article.)

And is Gavin Newsom related to Nancy Pelosi and former California Governor Jerry Brown?

From 4 Corrupt Families Of California – Newsom, Brown, Pelosi and Feinstein at

The connections date back at least 80 years, to when Jerry Brown’s father, Pat Brown, ran for San Francisco district attorney, losing in 1939 but winning in 1943, with the help of his close friend and Gavin Newsom’s grandfather, businessman William Newsom.

As mayor, Newsom became nationally recognized for ordering the distribution of marriage licenses to same-sex couples. And the shop with the mop sink upstairs, PlumpJack Wines, grew into a line of successful restaurants, hotels, and wineries managed by Newsom’s sister, Hilary.

A Times review of campaign finance records identified eight of San Francisco’s best-known families as being among Newsom’s most loyal and long-term contributors. Among those patrons are the Gettys, the Pritzkers and the Fishers, whose families made their respective fortunes in oil, hotels and fashion. They first backed him when he was a restaurateur and winery owner running for a seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1998, and have continued their support through the governor’s race.

They are not Newsom’s largest donors: The families in total have given about $2 million of the $61 million that donors have contributed to his campaigns and independent committees backing those bids. But they gave while he was a relative unknown, providing crucial support to a political newcomer in the years before his campaign accounts piled high with cash from labor unions, Hollywood honchos, tech billionaires and donors up and down the state.

Gavin Newsom is succeeding someone who could be considered his quasi-uncle, since his inauguration continues the decades-long saga of four San Francisco families intertwined by blood, by marriage, by money, by culture and, of course, by politics – the Browns, the Newsoms, the Pelosi’s and the Gettys. (Full article.)

Read the rest here:

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