Is Coca-Cola’s Subliminal Ad Message An Anti-Illuminati Advertisement Or Another Direct Blow To The Face Of Humanity?

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die

Is the new ‘Coca-Cola’ advertisement that is now being broadcast worldwide called “Chairs” an ‘anti-illuminati’ advertisement, as is now being shared by some people, or is it another direct shot in the face of a dumbed down populace and overpowered humanity? Check out the ad; the symbolism is there, it can’t be missed. They clearly hit the nail right on the head in this one. ‘They’ are vastly outnumbered. If only we understood, we only need to ‘stand up’. As for Coca-Cola and their GMO’s & HFCS, I avoid their poison, like the plague. They share their ’4 commitments to fight overweight and sedentary lifestyle’ in this video, yet they poison the populace daily; doesn’t this ad mean something else entirely?

9 thoughts on “Is Coca-Cola’s Subliminal Ad Message An Anti-Illuminati Advertisement Or Another Direct Blow To The Face Of Humanity?

  1. Good message, but I can’t stand their stuff (It’s been CRAP since the new formula days. They never did get the original taste back even with U.S. made Classic Coke.), and haven’t done colas in forever due to the crap they have in them. And how many deaths have they caused over labour and land issues? I think the world is better off without this company, despite one message. Same for Pepsi, but at least that tasted better way back then when I was still drinking colas.

    I also have a suspicion they sabotaged Odwalla to get the company cheap, not to mention, were the people who started Odwalla ‘threatened’? Hey! It happens.

  2. They’re trying to cash in on world-wide rebellion by equating Coca-Cola with victory over authority.

    Notice how after the emotional up-rising scene he grabs a Coke as the final, victorious action?

    If they take out the HFCS and put the cocaine back in I might actually drink the stuff someday, but I think anyone with a brain in their head knows that stuff is poison.

  3. Hmmm…..interesting….Don’t know what to say about this one. I agree, it’s somewhat confusing as to who the subliminal message is being targeted at, but a message is definitely there.

    1. I think it’s a matter of personal perspective. I’m seeing a positive message here in favor of We the People. Without us, well some of us, purchasing Coke products, they would not survive. BTW, I’m a water drinker.

      . . .

  4. My Mother, rest her sole, told me of her Father’s forbidding of Coke because that’s what it was laced with & owned by the Vatican as a money drug machine. Seems to me that the Mormons bought both Coke & Pepsi along with Folgers coffee so they could drink what the church had forbidden. Own it & it’s ok! Cute add & true about the Chair—

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